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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Linking up with my Nole sister Ashley from The Grits Blog for my little Friday.....Sooooo here's what.... I am not amused and I pic monkeyed the shit out of this picture because when I'm not amused my old hag wrinkles are in full force! And my face looks hella fat... bad angle.... and it is kinda fat. But I straightened my hair today and I'm actually having a good hair day so there is that.
It's Thursday and I guess it's about that time of the week where my brain takes a mental holiday and ceases to function and this week is no exception. I usually remedy this situation by infusing said brain with wine and/or  spirits of some sort in the evening hours. But alas, this week and likely next there is no  room for such
                                       alcoholic purchases thanks to this....                                     

And I'm not even gonna blow the picture up for you cause I want to kill it. This is what they put on your electric meter when they cut your power off. This is what happens when my dumb ass forgets to pay the bill and decides to buy food/pay other bills instead. This is what happens when my stupid ex douchebag doesn't pay child support. But I digress, and don't worry we are not huddled around the stove. I paid the hefty reconnect fee and it was back on within a few hours but Fuck Me.... can I ever catch a break??? The answer is NO.... I cannot. The universe hates me, this week anyway. Ok this year so far but who's keeping track.

MOVING ON....  I actually have been getting shit done here as of late. Even though you could not tell by what I was doing last evening while having dinner/tweeting/watching Idol.

And yes popcorn and green tea makes a delicious dinner on a budget. My goal till the next payday, thank you fucking power company, is to eat out of the freezer and the pantry. I read this blog about living on a shoe string  and one of the tips was don't go weekly grocery shopping. Hello, I always do that cause I like to be organized. They said eat out of your freezer and pantry until you really deplete your food supply and just go for necessities like milk, bread, etc. I'll report back on how this goes.

Ya'll I am horrible with money unless I have a surplus of it and then I know exactly what to do. Cha-ching! But this "who do I pay first and who can I push off for a minute" I clearly suck hind titty at. The long and short of it is I have to move. I have to reduce my living expenses and that means a smaller house. Which I wouldn't hate but I love my house and all of my stuff and moving will mean getting rid of some stuff and leaving my beautiful home. I talked about it with my kids and they are all surprisingly on board for what they see as an adventure and a fresh start. I swear I don't know where these little people came from, they are so freaking amazing. So I guess it's time for more change...

Have a feeling more changes are coming :)


The Grits Blog


  1. I suck at budgeting and not blowing all my money too! I figure as long as I can feed my kid we're all good. :)

  2. Things are gonna get better! :) Orrr you can always come to Texas and I can find you a sexy southern man to take care of you and your kiddos!

  3. I suck at budgeting also!!! I will pay my utilities & feed the kids, then work everything else around that. Well, except for that one time I forgot to pay the water bill because I was focused on paying the school fees for the kids and they shut it off. I could've gotten the damn thing turned on that same day, but my kids failed to call me at work to tell me the water wasn't working...instead they waited until I got home, which by then was too effing late to do anything. But oh & learn I guess.

    1. That's exactly what happened to me, my kids waited cause they couldn't call and I had to pay an after hours fee!!!

  4. The good thing about money and budgeting means that you have control over it. You have control over where each $$ goes and how far it can stretch. I get paid once a month - which means I live on a TIGHT budget. I pay everything on the first and then keep track of every penny till the end of the month. What helped me the most was Dave Ramsey - have you heard of him? He's awesome and has some really really really great tips for living on a budget. Anyways, at the end of the day always remember that this too shall pass. You will get through this girl!

    1. My friend got out of some deep debt after following Dave Ramsey's advice. It's good stuff!

  5. I keep telling myself to try the eating out of your freezer/pantry thing but we go every week like suckers.

  6. I hate budgeting. I'm not that good at it but have learned to do it out of necessity. I think I'll check out Dave Ramsey!