Two Year Blog-Aversary!!! & A Giveaway...

Monday, March 3, 2014


Syllabification: ca·thar·sis
Pronunciation: /kəˈTHärsis

NOUN (plural catharses /-sēz/)

  • 1The process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Two years of blogging and I can honestly say it's become a part  of my life that I really look forward to. Every day... well mostly. When I started this blog it was really more of a diary just for me to write down my thoughts. I have always been a writer. As a kid I had diaries and journals. I wrote stories about fantasy lives I would like to lead. I even tried to write soap opera once because I was obsessed with General Hospital.  But blogging is for the most part a shitshow easy. Of course I struggle like everyone does some days with content but mostly I just write about whatever is in my head or on my mind. It started with the demise of my marriage and seemingly never ending divorce. It has transitioned to life as a single mom, dating again, being alone and on my own and dealing with a dead beat dad for an ex. Yeah... never saw that coming.

It has been cathartic for me. Truly. And not that everyday I am putting up strong emotions and ya'll know I don't repress much... but I have a lot of messy shit in my life and coming here is an escape for me. I can talk about my life and serious things or I can put up a bunch of stupid funny gifs or perfectly instagrammed photos of the cocktails I had over the weekend. It's my little safe place.

I have made new friends too which I did not really anticipate. More so recently as I would like to grow this little space of mine and I am learning that being part of this community is not only a necessity but really a bonus. I love to read what you all are up to and thinking about, experiencing in your world's too. It's really hard to explain to people what this blog is so it's not something I talk about a lot. I'm really terrified at the thought of the people in my real life knowing all of the intimate details I share with strangers. See... it's weird, but I love it!

So what's next? More crazy of course cause I don't see things really changing anytime soon for me. I have ideas about where I want to go with this. Of course I want it to get bigger, I want people to read and comment and come back day after day to see what I'm talking about. I want to write better and say Fuck less... maybe. I want to meet a nice normal guy to go have drinks or dinner with and then a movie or poundtown... and blog about it. I want to move to a smaller place, but then I don't, but I think I am pretty close to not having a choice and I'll blog about that. I want to make a shit ton of money doing something I love, like blogging, although that seems very unlikely... I'll keep my day job but I'll keep blogging too until I figure that out.

So thank you all for stopping by every day. I would like to have a ginormo glass of wine with each and every one of you but since I can't today how about a giveaway? Cause a $20 Target gift card will get you a nice big box of wine... on me:) So enter away!

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And here are a few of the bloggers that I would like to do a shot-ski with have inspired me on the daily. Seriously you ladies are funny and real and raw and my favorite (and first) daily reads. Thanks for doin whatcha do!
Whitney, Erin, Holly, Sarah, Kathy and I think the first blog I ever read... Brandi!


  1. um it seems that the rafflecopter thing isn't working; i logged it and it says that this isn't accepting entries :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Happy 2nd blogiversary!!!!! :D That cupcake looks DIVINE!
    Hmmm... what would I buy at Target... I'm a sucker for beauty products, I'd probably head there first! :D

  3. Yeah!!! Congratulations!!!! Happy Blogiversary! What would I buy at Target...probably clothes ;-) xoxoxo

  4. congrats. and can i come get that cup cake please. i so need that on a day like today.

    Would love for you to come join and send your friends.

  5. Happy Blogiversary!! I always want to learn how to say "fuck" less too...but I'm a journalist dealing with ridiculous people on a daily basis...SOOOO I don't know if that will happen anytime soon HA.

  6. Well congrats! Two years is a big deal . . . yay you!! I hope your blog takes off and you make it big! And I'd buy ALL the shit at Target, or 20 bucks worth anyway! I love to read your posts . . . they make me laugh and that makes me happy!

  7. I could get so much stuff I love love target - Happy Blogiversary

  8. I could use some clothes and makeup!

  9. Happy blogiversary-- I really like the date of yours, as yesterday was my birthday as well! I've only been blogging for a little under a year, but I feel you on all of your blog goals. Congrats!

  10. Oh my...I want that damn cupcake in and around my mouth. Happy Blogiversary funny lady! :)