Finish the Sentence with Jake and Holly

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hi-Oh party people it's Friday!! Time to put a little bang in your ying yang with.....


1. I always pick... dicks over chicks. Sorry Ladies.

2. Look at the size of those.... people of Walmart. What do they put in the water?

3. I recently learned that.... chicken drumettes are really chicken wings, not baby drumsticks like I thought. Fuck. Me. Hard. I'm an idiot. 

4.  Only when no one is looking do I.... eat things out of the jar... like peanut butter, nutella, moonshine. 

5. I lost... my virginity. What... I did. Shocker I know.
(you know you wanted to say that too)

6. I was certain I'd be... a member of the British Royal Family so I wore pearls the entire year I was 10.
With everything. True story. 

7. There is not enough.... ways to skin a cat? Wait... no that's wrong...

8. I just finished... choking down some steamed broccoli out of a bag and then I drank... yes drank ...
the cheese sauce. 

9. Why does everyone.... have to be so uptight. Have a drink or 10 already. 

10. It's very rare when I.... sneeze and don't piss myself... I've had 3 kids... this is my life. 

11. If I were a dog... I would pee on my ex-husband, every time I saw him. 

12. I don't believe that... anything is forever. Except for the herpes, I'm pretty sure you're stuck with that. 

Me love you long time Jake and Howleeeee!!!

P.S. All ya'll come sit by me on Monday cause I will have a little giveaway for ya in honor of my 2 crazy years in Blogland.
And before we go, one more thing we have to do on Friday... with Whitney... and Sara Evans ... Slow Me Down

Slow Me Down by Sara Evans on Grooveshark
Love, peace and chicken grease....


  1. Hahaha... if you were a dog you could go pee on my ex-husband too, that would be fab!!;)

  2. I hope you like Starbucks. I laughed out loud, and I am dick head that thinks no one is funny. ANNNDDDDDDDDDDDD WE NEED TO HANG OUT. We would be danger. Have a good weekend, you MILF.

  3. Blahaha! I love yours, I would probably piss on my husband's ex-wife if I could! I also said virginity!! LOL!

  4. Ha, I'm with you on the sneezing thing. Damn kids!

  5. <3 this

    come join the blog hop challenge.

  6. I laughed out loud...and maybe a lil pee came out! Love this post!

  7. Oh you have the best answers yet!! LOL