Super Schmowl, My Big Date & Some balls....

Monday, February 3, 2014

I am not sure what to recap first. Hmmm... let's go with the Super Bowl cause it's gonna be short. It sucked balls. If you have been here for awhile you know that I like my football. But I really prefer a good game, you know not seeing things go all kinds of fucking awry from the moment of the coin toss. And if you missed that the best thing about it was Broadway Joe and his big pimpin fur coat. Gotta love a man who is stuck in the 70's and owning it! I guess the NFL's favorite drunk uncle basically told PETA to suck balls at the biggest sporting event of the year.  I LOVED IT.

Other than that the game was a shit show. Looka here... I give you the first snap. Yeah... it wadn't pretty ya'll so I'm done talking about it.

I'll tell ya what didn't suck... my balls. Sausage balls that is. They are always a huge hit and pretty easy to make. Here is what they look like before they go in yo mouth. Mmmmmm.

If you've never had these little bundles of cheesy goodness they are kind of a southern staple. Try them at your next ball fest.  Betty Crocker don't lie see here.

In other news I had my big date with Soldier Boy on Friday night and it did not suck ball sack. And neither did I. Ba Dum Tsss...

It was "a lovely evening"... and I normally would never use those words cause I am not 85 but that about sums it up. I like him but having had 3 days to mull it over it kind of felt like we were married which is decidedly a weird vibe for a first official date. He brought steaks and wine and all of the trimmings and I thought the plan was to cook together. Only what really happened was I got a free meal which I ended up cooking while he stood around, played with my dog and lay on my couch drinking beer. We talked and enjoyed each others company but something was a little off for me and I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh yeah... it was just a tad boring... too comfortable if you will. I recapped for my girlfriends last night over wine and balls and their consensus was  "Amy only likes the bad boy". Which is kind of true but I'm making an effort here, I really am. Oh well... will see what happens next. And in case you were wondering he was a complete gentleman true to his word. Can you tell how excited I am about that.

Still looking for a new make out partner, 


  1. hmmm that seems a little 'off' to me too. i would probably think the same as you!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. That coat! I laughed every time they showed him.

    Your balls look delicious! Haha!

  3. " it did not suck ball sack. And neither did I. Ba Dum Tsss..." Bahahahah! Well played, well played!
    Uhmmmm... I gotta say HELL NAW to the him laying on the couch while you made him dinner. Dafuq?