I'm the Kinda Girl Who.....

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Desperately needed a link up today.....

Gets along with pretty much everyone...

Hates bitching in the morning. Just shut it, the day just started. 

Can be ready to go in about 20 min. flat. Hair, makeup & everything. 

Thinks even bad pizza is pretty much ok. 

Could dip anything in melted cheese and make it better. 

Is a sore loser. Really. Don't even talk to me after I lose a tennis match unless you have beer. 

Has not a whole lot of patience, generally speaking. Especially for idiots. 

Loves old people. I think I could work in a nursing home and just talk to them all day. 

Doesn't ever catch up on the laundry and I don't care. 

Will sleep when I'm dead... maybe. 

Can drink you under the table unless it's tequila. Then I'm out. 

Only wears flip flops in the summer. 

Bakes my kids birthday cakes from scratch. Don't hate. 

Could eat grilled cheese every day. 

Takes way too many selfies. 

Swears all the damn time. 

Sings in the car when I am alone. 

Looks like I have my shit together but... yeah... not so much. 

Has mastered the art of  not taking anything in life too seriously. 

Loves deeply, still after all. 

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease!

Thanks for the Link Up Holly!!!


  1. i love this! i can also get ready in 20mins -that includes a shower, washing my hair and makeup! hmm...maybe that's why i look like a potato half the time? :(

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I love this link up idea! I also sing by myself in the's funny how great of singers we can be when no one is listening!!

    xo, B

  3. What is it about Laundry? No sooner I get one batch folded and put away than the baskets are all full up again...I think they stay empty for less than 20 minutes. LOL

  4. Getting ready in 20 mins... that's witch craft, I'm convinced of it!!!!! I am SO with you on the pizza. One of my favorites is Totinos frozen pizzas that are literally $1. Pete rags on me all the time for it but god dammit that shit is delicious!

  5. I swear too much when I'm away at school- my mom's always appalled when I come home!