Can We Bitch?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I am finding that it is just one of those days where I am at a loss. Mostly because I am hangry. Clean eating makes me feel good but it also makes me want to shoot my coworkers with a high powered bow and arrow as they walk out the door for tacos. But I really have to stop eating out, it's killing me and that shit is expensive.

So I'm gonna bitch a teensy little bit taday. Instead of shooting people. Do you ever just find people to be the most annoying creatures like ever? I do and yet I have mastered the art of not giving 2 shits about most of them. Except of course for the people that I love dearly.  But most people are really just kind of annoying, petty and I just don't get them at all. Let em give you some examples.

People that drive the Interstates on the daily. Ya'll are lunatics and a lot of you drive for shit. Why would you try to cross over 4 lanes of traffic to get to your exit that you didn't see because you were texting. You almost killed 6 other people. And guess what? Newsflash... there's another exit right after this one.

Co-workers... not saying mine, they could be yours too. I don't want to hear your wife bitching at you from the speaker on your cell phone 10 times a day. There's this new thing called texting and no one can hear your conversation. I mean seriously, who even talks on the phone anymore?

Incessant Facebookers. How do you people have time to post so much about all of the amazing things in your life? Please stop. I can't take it. You will end up hating each other more than likely. Just sayin.

And last but not least all of the fun people have been making of GA and our inability to handle the snow. We now have a plan folks... Atlanta is ordering 25 of them.

And in case you didn't hear we had an earthquake on Friday night last week. 

Later folks!


  1. bahahaha! that car with the plow! we just got shat on this morning AGAIN. digging myself out was fun and to top it all off, i forgot my lunch and snacks and had to eat the swill that they call food from the downstairs cafeteria. RAGE!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. can we please just cancel all other drivers? They piss me off! Even here in Indiana where we get snow EVERY WINTER, and they still can't seem to remember how to drive in the snow. Get real. Pretty much, people are just gross--the world should just be made up of bloggers...we have our shit together!

  3. One time I was on a conference call with a bunch of executives and IT people, the VP of IT's wife picked up the other phone in your house and proceeded to yell at him during the conference call. Talk about awkward and awesome all at the same time!

    I've been in a I want to hit everyone mood too, I wish we could do it at least once a month.

  4. People are annoying PERIOD! That's why I like living in blogland. We're all the SAME kind of weird. haha

  5. Aww... Thank you Nozi!! I am so glad you are enjoying my little space here:)