Let's talk Zombie

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And hot men who kill Zombies like Glen, Daryl and Rick.... aren't they cute??? I am not into Asian men but all still bad ass and very do-able.

Is anyone else as addicted to The Walking Dead as I am??? I mean like yelling at the TV addicted?? Well good... let's re-cap then cause this week 's episode was reeeeallly good! We finally got to see all of our favorite characters in one episode again. And it looks like they are catching up to each other or at least crossing paths repeatedly on  the way to Terminus. Finally... is it possible that there could be a place without walkers where they can live in peace? I don't think so but it sounds nice!

And we got some more new characters. Meet  Abraham, Rosita and Dr. Eugene Porter and his mullett (not do-able). 


I think he is going to be a refreshingly bumbling but lovable version of our old pal Milton. 

And I think Abraham is going to be the first bad-ass post-apocalyptic Ginger we have seen here yet. He smiles when he kills the walkers. It's kinda sweet! (100% Do-able for a ginger)

Perhaps the best part of all is that we are getting to see some of the more human  and honest parts of our beloved core characters. Michonne and Carl have formed a bond that is almost mother/son-ish and seems to be really good for both of them. She is goofing around with him and they actually seem to be having fun... like buddies. Maggie and Glen really do love each other and their determination to find each other is nothing less than we expected. But there is potential for Glen to get a little wacky though so hopefully he doesn't do something dumb like heat on her with GI Jane. Daryl and Beth are well... surviving. Carol is back and clearly releived that Tyreese has no clue she french fried his girl friend before Rick dumped her off. And what about Lizzie?? This little girl has a bit of the omen in her and it's gonna come out at some point. And poor Rick still can't catch a break. This guy can't even get a freaking nap in a deserted town full of dead people. But he made it out again somehow. 

And I didn't quite get enough of Daryl this week cause I would like to eat him up on the reg. So naturally I had to go looking for a little extra Norman Reedus (the defiinition of do-able) eye candy and I found  this ... gorgeois...

I know it's not for everyone but ... yes please.


  1. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love The Walking Dead. And Lizzie is so crazy. There are many theories out there about Lizzie actually being the one who killed Tyreese's girlfriend.

  2. I think I really do have to jump on The Walking Dead bandwagon already! I've only heard amazing things!!

  3. i dont care for it but sat and watched like 30 minutes of it the other day and i was hooked. i was even trying to get my mom to watch but she didnt want to watch "zomba's" as she said. LOL got to love her though.

  4. Pete watches... not my cup of tea. Just hearing the noises float into the bedroom from the living room is enough to freak me out! haha