Make Up Must Haves (if you are a Junkie Like Me)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

First off lemme just say all of you lovely readers are the milk to my shake. I had a crappy day yesterday and between wine you and my girlfriends IRL xanax ya'll made me feel better. I really, really appreciate all of the offers to kick the ex for me and as I told one lovely bloggy friend... good luck finding his balls:) Roll on roller coaster....

Linking up again for the blog everyday in Feb. challenge with a little chit chat about one of my favorite addictions... makeup. I seriously have problems when it comes to the stuff. But unlike crazy hoarder types I don't just buy random shit to buy it, I use it, like errr damn day. Seriously, ask any of my friends how often they see me without my face on. The answer is like mostly always never. With the exclusion of beach trips and maybe the occasional pool day or if you stop by my house with out calling... and don't... don't do that. I had to get rid of my ex-mother-in-law for just that reason.

 I am very good about buying what I can use, throwing away the old stuff and giving away what I don't like. I have a teenage daughter now and she will take anything! But like any good junkie I get a little nervous and edgy when I walk into Ulta. I pretty much start sweating when I walk into Sephora and then I'm full on in a state of euphoria. And my first stop is always the land of Urban Decay

Because I'm all about the eyes, and they have THEE best eye products around in my opinion. So here are my must haves to make your eyes amazeballs even if they are not... its called trickery ladies. You can do this. here is what I recommend.  (and this is all after you get your primer, foundation and cover up, etc. on)

Eye Shadow Primer Potion


I use Sin and I promise you the eye shadow you spend your hard earn jack on will not come off!
Put it on from lash to brow. 


Theirs is just my favorite. The colors are beautiful and saturated. Meaning you don't have to use a ton to get the actual color in the pot, it just goes on that way. Especially with the primer, it works. And they are not blotchy, no real blending necessary. Use a good brush and you will get even color all over your lid, every time. These are some of my favorite colors. And Foxy... gotta have some Foxy. 

24/7 Eye Liner

Again, I think theirs is just the best. It has staying power. And I don't need to tell you all how important that is to a lady. My personal faves are Rockstar, Bourbon and Lucky but all of the colors are so freaking pretty. Oh and they are waterproof too but somehow they wash off really easily. I know, I don't get it either. 

So there you would have it for the eyes. I am negotiable on mascara, always trying different things. I have really sucky lashes so if I really need some I just stick on the fake ones and call it done and they always look gorge. One thing I always do is my brows. You MUST fill in your brows. Think of how much better a picture looks with a frame. Your eyes need your brows as a frame, they just pop. Smashbox makes a great product called Brow Tech but it's a little pricey and I often just use a deep pigmented brown shadow with no metallic and an angled brush. 

Here's me all Urban Decay-ed this morning!
Now go out and get you some!
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  1. nice! i like NARS eyeliners (pencil) and kat von d for liquid. i just wish that stuff weren't so dang expensive!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I am a Urban Decay convert! I LOVE the Eden primer before putting on any shadow. Love how long it stays on my eyelids.

  3. Urban decay is a little edgy for me but I have heard great things about their eye primer. I
    L give it a try next time in in sephora!

  4. Support from bloggy friends is awesome. Hope things get better.

  5. I didn't realize that UD eye primer had a tint to it! Look at you, ya hot bitch!

  6. Your eyes ALWAYS look gorgeous in every pic. I have wanted to try UD but am scared to drop that kind of money on makeup. You may have convinced me.

  7. one of these days i need to learn to apply make up! I will be 29 soon I hope it's not too late haha you look gorgeous in that pic!