Errr Muh Gerd.... It's a Valentines Link Up with Sarah & Helene!!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I don't like it. But I do love that scene with Big & Carrie.

But I still have a romantic bone (I said bone) in my body.  

See what I did down there? Some one please Pin this... please... you will be my Valentine.

Seriously.... V-Day is too much pressure. I used to think that I wanted big Valentine's Day hoopla but the best V-Day's I ever had were the very simplest. I know I talk a lot of smack about my crazy ex but we did have some good times and I am not so hateful that I would never admit that. My kids still love to hear the stories about our good times and when we are getting along he and I can even laugh about them too. Of all my V-day gifts from my ex hubcap there are two that I remember most.


1. A book of letters that former President Reagan wrote over the course of  forty plus years to Nancy. From the 1950's to right before he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he was writing her letters when they were apart. I don't care if you are a bleeding heart liberal... this was a real love story. And a gift I will never forget.

2. A diamond bracelet... a small one but a sweet unexpected gift when I was pregnant with my second child and feeling fat and gross. Diamonds have a way of making me feel better. I don't wear it anymore but I still remember how special it made me feel.

I am not a total cynic. I just don't know if I have anymore great loves left in me. I have had a few. How many people can say that. Maybe I'm done, I don't know. Here's what I do know...

Not really .... but that is a great conversation heart don't you think?

Ben Howard is my V-Day jam. If I ever fall in love again and they make a movie about it this will be the soundtrack.  And we will #backthatazzup to it with Whitney.

I really hope you all have a super fantabulous romantic National Singles Awareness Day.
Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. it's just a regular friday up in this house :) happy valentines day, though.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Tyson and I are happy with the simple things, not really celebrating. Cards, I tell him what to go buy me, and I buy him cologne, the end. It works and no one is disappointed.

  3. We are just not into V-Day either. I big puffy heart LOVE your tattoo!!

  4. i need to check out that book, i cna see myself crying over that. and never say no to diamonds!

  5. i guess i'm your valentine b/c I so pinned this to my pinterest.

    still waiting to hear from you girl on those questions and such.