XLVIII Super Bowl Special Edition Link Up

Friday, January 31, 2014

Venus Trapped in Mars

I love football. I love men. I love dancing.  I love Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars. So in honor of that and the Superbowl I bring you a post about the hot men that can both dance and play football. Celebration dance that is, cause for me personally any man that can dance automatically gets major points in my book. And we all know how amazing football pants make their asses look. So here are a few of the good ones from my perspective... the I want to see you work dat ass in dose pants perspective.

And since I am a Lions fan I am going to kick off (see what I did there) with Joseph Fauria and his assortment of sexy moves. This guy just looks like fun is his middle name on and off the field if ya catch my drift. 

And how about  the Carlton...

Or the TerRio....

And Jacoby Jones doing the Ray Lewis...

And how about a little Gangnam style by my Falcons...


And since I adore Peyton and there are no gifs of him dancing I bring you a gif of one of his funniest moments ever on SNL teaching under priveleged kids how to play football. If you have never seen it GTS now. It is hilarious.

Good Luck Broncos!! Peyton I love you... call me!


  1. I love the TD dances!!!!!!! But really, I love that Peyton SNL skit. I've watched it a billion times and it never gets old. I like the part where he is teaching the kids to break into a car. God I love that boy.

  2. only reason i'm watching the SB is b/c my dad and bro are.

    come check it out. Get to know the bloggers

  3. I could watch gifs of touchdown dances all day long....I wish I had those moves!