Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Well here we are again and I'm not weighing in or humping, transforming, throwing back, man or woman crushing or any of the other hipster coolio things that go with days of the week around here. I thought I would just do some more confessing. Cause this is my house and I can. 

1. I have been very confused lately. 

I have been eating cleaner, working out, not drinking and still feeling tired, lazy and useless as fuck by like 7:00 in the evening. But leave it to all of my lovely gal pals here and elsewhere to cheer me on. You all have been telling me to hang tough and push thru it and guess what?? Last night I got all kinds of chores done, made it into bed pretty early and today I feel really fan-fucking tastic! So thanks!

2. I'm not going to weigh myself this time around. 

I don't want to get hung up on the scale. So I'm not gonna. Cause I don't want to and you can't make me. I have a closet full of clothes in various sizes that will tell me what I need to know. Right? Right. 

3. I hate pants.

I mean really hate pants. Except of course yoga pants because everyone loves yoga pants. They just feel so good. But if your ass looks like lumpy mashed potatoes in a black trash bag  please do not wear them. Do some squats. With Jillian. #jmdvdchallenge

4. Every time I meet a really nice guy who has "potential" I can't breathe so good. And I panic.

Seriously, I want to run screaming like a lunatic in the opposite direction. Which leads me to believe I don't want real potential. I don't want a relationship or man-friend. I just want to have fun. And date. And be a hot cougar. Is there anything wrong with that?

I didn't think so either:) But next week I might change my mind. Because I can.


  1. haha! that george gif! one of the funniest episodes ever.

    i'm dead tired by 9pm. no joke. keep it up; the working out really tires you out at night and you sleep like the dead :)

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Hah! I love that episode of Seinfeld. Also, there's totally nothing wrong with being a hot cougar. I actually had this conversation with my manfriend the other day:

    Me: What if I was a cougar?
    Him: You will be some day.

    It's like he just gets it. Hah! Hope you continue to feel fantastic!

  3. Ohh I'm with you on a lot of these :) And I'm a baby cougar- my boyfriend is 3 1/2 years younger than my 30 years of age.

  4. I'm with you on going by how your clothing fits rather than the # on the scale. Muscle takes up less space than fat. You could weigh MORE but be SMALLER. The # doesn't mean a whole lot in my eyes.

  5. not weighing yourself is so smart!!! I have gone done a clothes size in the last few months but weigh the same, numbers are just numbers. and I went through the same thing when i first started working out and eating clean with being tired and not feeling great, it takes awhile to get all the crap out of your body but give it time and you will feel amazing!