I Have the Wine Carb Flu... and it's a bad one....

Monday, January 13, 2014

I think I may possibly be suffering from something like the carb flu. You know when you cut out all of your carbs and sugar and stuff and you actually feel like shit for awhile? I am going to call it the wine flu. Because I decided to for the most part, give up wine until the Superbowl. Like not my occasional glass, my daily pounding of the grape. Yeah... Jillian no likey. 

So..... For the last... i don't know... let's go with hot minute... I haven't been doing much of anything productive or noteworthy and/or photographing shit. Seriously I have not been documenting every living second of my days, nights and weekends with my phone/camera. I am still taking a crap load of selfies but that is just because I like the fact that I finally look happy most of the time now. It still actually surprises me when I look at myself... weird I know and hard to explain. This could possibly be xanax related... not sure, but it's a good thing. 

So this weekend my plan was to get my tree down, put away all my xmas decor, get the laundry done, cook at least one great meal, play tennis and sleep and take pics the whole time. I got about half of that done with an overwhelming emphasis on sleep. Half my tree is down, most of the decor, no great meal even came close to making it out of my head and into my kitchen. I did play two tennis matches and won!! And I went to bed early and slept in both days. Did I mention I was giving up wine until the Superbowl?? This is why I am going to bed early because basically without wine there is no fun... and apparently a lot less picture taking.  If you follow me in IG you know I knows my wine, and I likes my wine. And if you don't follow me, well you are a missing out on some pheeeenominal pictures coming from this girl right here. Let me give you a sneak peek of life with out wine this weekend....

I laid on my couch with the dog (God my leg looks ginormo). I drove to tennis. I wore a new shirt (my boobs look like ginormo sports bra uniboob). I played tennis again with new shirt and then I was stunned, because I won twice in one weekend. And I have tennis elbow. I have been playing tennis for 30 years and have never had tennis elbow...WTF?

I didn't do any Jillian cause well, I played tennis. And in my mind that's enough, and I know it's not... at all. 

I am going to try to do better tonight and whip up something fabulous for dinner and take beautiful pictures of it. And think of something more interesting to say here tomorrow. (Someone please do a link up)

In short my goal this week is to become a more productive member of society. And by society I mean my household. I have taken "my home is my refuge/sancutary" to another level. My bed is tres comfortable but that is not an excuse to put pajamas on when I get home from the office and curl up in it to tweet and play candy crush and shirk my responsibilities, after Jillian of course. Oh and also I want to be a little stricter this week with everything so I can make all my challenge ladies proud and shed some inches!

Who's with me... Crickets?


  1. just keep pushing through; you body is getting used to not having it so keep at it. when i cut out alcohol and crap food, i felt like garbage for a good 2wks. not to mention the homicidal rage i had but that passed after 2wks.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Baby steps my friend . . . can't so all the things, all the time. I bet if you keep up with the clear(er) eating and less alkey-hall, you'll be feeling more energetic very soon! I keep telling myself these things so now I'm telling you. We got this!!

  3. Nope nope. Not giving up the vino. But I will cheer you on!!! GET IT GIRL!

  4. i am going to give up wine for a week or two myself, we can stay strong together!!!