Measuring up....

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do you ever wonder what people are thinking when they go out in public looking well... like this?

If you just lost your last meal I apologize but stay with me here. I have a point I swear and it's not just to make fun of people  who go out looking like this either....

Ok... I'll stop with the people of Wal-mart pictures...But I am already starting to feel a little better... cause I'm kind of bitchy like that. Back to my point. As you know, I am partaking in the Jillian in January Challenge with a bunch of other lovelies in blog land and  if ya don't know looka hee-yah...

So I had to take my measurments a few days ago and I knew it was going to be bad. Now I have done this plenty of the eleventy billion other times I have embarked on a healthy lifestyle change. But this time I just happened to have the notebook where I had previously recorded my measurements... seven months ago when I got divorced, quit smoking, had a health scare which put me in the hospital and spent an entire summer drinking wine and feeling sorry for myself. And guess what? Every single effing measurement is bigger than it was before. I wanted to cry recording those new numbers side by side with the old smaller ones.

Now, I don't bring up the smoking thing for more pats on the back (even though it is pretty fucking amaze and my BFF has already fallen off the wagon like 10 times to my ZERO) cause even my doc agrees there is a correlation just cause you want to occupy your mouth. And since I'm single... ba dum ching... I went with the stinky/cheese french bread option to go with my vino. Hence the increasing measurements, but no STD's so there is that:) But still, it's an excuse, much like saying you gotta lose the baby weight as your kid climbs on the bus and heads off to kindergarten. Shit don't fly after awhile.

Here is my point..... Gah Amy lock it up!!!! I don't feel like I look as bad as my measurements clearly prove that I do. I have irrefutable proof cause sometimes you look in the mirror and you think "I'm alright" and then you go to Wal-mart and someone snaps your picture and it circulates around the Internet with your fat thong-clad ass hanging out of your motorized scooter. So clearly I am not the only woman in denial.

Do you think (in your mind's eye) you look better than you do?

Or... do people just not give a shit?

How do you keep it real and be honest with yourself and stay on track? Posting photos? Trying on your bikini? Getting naked in front of the mirror? Tell me your tricks and tips cause I don't want to end up with the "people of Wal-mart".

I think she's horizontal running... maybe?


  1. hey i'm not one to judge but i do judge people who go out dressed like that. i just chalk it up to them not caring at all or maybe not even thinking about it? just like how i judge the hell out of those nitwits who walk around in the dead of winter in coochie shorts and halter top.

    as for your measurements -- honestly, don't even say those things. i'm sure you dress appropriately and so what if your measurements aren't what you expected? they don't have to stay that way - that's the important part to remember. when i first took my measurements, i wept and then put them away and only pulled them out every month to record my progress. by the time i knew it, i had lost a ton of weight, gained a ton of muscle and have hit all of my fitness goals. everyone starts somewhere -- always remember that. athletes/jillian michaels/shaun t were not born that way, they were made!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Don't sweat the measurements. You clearly went through a huge life change and did a heck of a good job picking yourself back up. You can do this. I don't see myself as I really look...when I was 300 pound I didn't see it in the mirror and when I was 180 pounds I thought I was fat and hideous. This time as I'm losing weight, I'm TRYING hard to put that issue to bed and see myself as I really am. It helps me a lot to take pictures of myself. I take an embarassing amount of selfies with my phone but it really does help me to see how I'm doing.

  3. Um EW!

    I quit smoking over 3 months ago and I ate like CRAZY. Always hungry. I am just now starting to get it back under control so I completely understand. Good job!!!!!

  4. Sometimes I think I look great and then I look at pictures from that night and in reality I looked terrible. Other times, like the night I met my boyfriend, I think I look drab and apparently it wasn't the case. I think it depends on my mood. But I definitely am aware that I need to wear clothes suited for my body to hide my stomach and don't go around in denial on that!

  5. I thought I looked cute SOMETIMES, but when when I see before and after weight loss pictures of myself I am totally horrified. I did care what I looked like, but sometimes when you are a big girl, it's hard to find cute clothes that don't look like tents! I do judge people who look like that because no matter what size you are, you should have enough sense what to wear and what not to wear. Congrats on quitting!!!!

  6. LMAO!! SERIOUSLY! I am think I am in denial. In my head my scale does NOT reflect how I think I look.

  7. Is it weird that I can't stop looking at the pictures and trying to find an explanation for these damn people!? Ha!