To Be A Rock & Not to Roll.....

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year Folks!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and has sufficiently recovered from their food and alcohol hangovers. I had a really nice relaxing one. Spent at home with the kiddoes after a lovely dinner date with a new guy. Can you believe that shit??? 1. I had a nice date with a normal person and 2. I did not go out and party my pants off on NYE. I know it sounds crazy but, shit no bricks, I stayed home. I drank a bottle of champs by myself but hey, you can't take all the party out of the girl now can you?? 

Everyone is musing on resolutions today and I am too but I never seem to stick to them or complete them. Or so I have always thought... Until recently that is. I wrote this post about it the other day and until I wrote it I hadn't really realized that I accomplished some major shit last year. And they were resolutions too, of sorts. It really reminded me of one of my favorite epic bands, singer, songwriter and lyrics... The Almighty Led Zeppelin. If you don't own any Led Zep please download some today cause if you have any love for classic rock you will find something in their catalog that you will absolutely love. I promise. 

Any way... here is my big point here.... whatever your resolutions are don't get mired down in completing them to a T. We make resolutions on Jan. 1 and then life happens. Things change, evolve and it's ok to let those goals evolve too. I bet if you really stop and think about it you have completed a lot more than you think you have.  Be a rock in that you are moving forward with your goals even if you take a different path than you originally thought.... just don't roll completely off the path. 

In the immortal words of Robert Plant.... yeah that about sums it up right there. 

And... if you can roll down the path and stay in a straight line with a bottle of Jack in your hand you are my hero... Call me.... not maybe.

And... if you are not familiar with this song or these lyrics, sit back and give it a listen. Epic lyrics and music. 

And.... Cheers!

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