2013 .... What Have I Become?!?!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No really... it's been a year of transformation for me. The life changing Wonder Woman kind. There is only one problem, aside from the fact that most of you reading this are too young to remember my favorite childhood super hero and the actress who portrayed her, the fabulously beautiful Lynda Carter. The problem is this... most of the time I still feel like I'm somewhere in the middle of that spin thing she does. When do I get to be done spinning and have a  gold bustier and star spangled hot pants? When do I get to deflect bullets with my bracelets and lasso the truth out of my enemies. I already rock some pretty awesome head gear on the daily so I do have that part covered. But in the spirit of Wonder Woman and transformation here is a short list of what I have become this year... not all of it is good

A Non-Smoker
A Divorced Woman
A Single Mom
A Cougar
Someone with high blood pressure
A wannabe runner
A real blogger
A social media whore
A Happier Mom
A Better Mom
More comfortable in my own skin
Someone who doesn't care so much what anyone else thinks anymore

I guess we never really stop spinning do we? And become that super hero who can solve the worlds problems much less our own? But hopefully this year I can transform into a few of the things on this list with a few more spins before I fall on my ass from being dizzy... Such as...

A Woman with her financial shit together
A Fit Person
A Clean eater 90% of the time
A social drinker (as opposed to a daily wine-o)
A woman who only dates quality men
A Runner (because don't all real bloggers run)
Someone who gets things done
Less of a procrastinator
A Better Mom
A Happier Amy
Wonder Woman

....what???? It could happen!

Happy Happy New Year Everyone!



  1. You know what? Awesome post! 2014 is going to be fabulous . . . because it seems like you are determined to make it so and that's half the battle! I do love reading about all the crazy though! Ha!

  2. you have made so many amazing changes in just a year!! good for you! I am so hopefully about this year for all us blog bitches :)