It's a Party of One!!! Am I Single or Alone? It depends on the day....

Friday, December 13, 2013

So as the holidays are fast approaching I always start thinking about years past and how things are so different now for me. For so many years I did exactly what my mother did every year... entertained  family and friends over the course of two days until I was so exhausted I could hardly stand. And I truly loved it. The weeks of preparation, the menu planning, countless trips to the store, trying to craft the perfect holiday experience for my guests... Martha would have been proud. I pulled it off year after year, hauling out all of my china and crystal, serving platters and chafing dishes. Everyone came and enjoyed and showered me with praise for the sumptuous food, beautiful decor and warm hospitality. And then they left and I spent days cleaning house, packing everything up and stashing it away for the next holiday.

So... things are a lot different post-divorce. My ex and I split Christmas Day so I am with the kids for the first half and alone (GASP!!!!) for the second half and that night. Much to the horror of my friends I might add. Now you might be thinking "how awful that she only gets half a day with her kids on Christmas" but it works for us and I am pretty ok with it. I will say that at first it was weird and I was all "what do I do now", but these things quickly have a way of becoming your new normal. For me anyway. This whole being single thing has been a learning curve after being married for 16 years and sometimes I get mad that I don't have someone in my life. And I eat.

I try to be healthy and make good choices but often times I fail miserably.

Sorry I'm not sorry. Cake happens.

As you might have read here eleventy billion times once or twice before,  occasionally I drown my sorrows drink wine. Sometimes I even get sad and feel sorry for myself and I might shed a tear or two.

But then I think "hey wait a minute, I am fabulous" and then I take an amazing selfie, post it on Instagram, FB & Twitter and everyone else tells me how fabulous I am too. This is the true essence of social media btw. And then I call all my girlfriends and they tell me I am totes amaze and force me to go out with them for drinks and apps.

Maybe my Christmas is a little weird because I'm single now but I am never really alone and at this point in my life I am ok with not being in a relationship. So all of my friends can stop looking at me with the sad face, especially on Christmas, cause it's ok. I am ok with curling up on my couch in front of the fire and watching movies after the kids go to their Dad's. It won't be like this forever that is one thing I do know. Everything changes. I'm embracing it. A party of one is better than a party of none!

Time to #backthatazzup with Miss Whitney Ellen
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  1. You are hilarious. I love how you write with the same tone as a giddy newlywed, but instead you said "happily divorced." I love when people have a good outlook on previous marriages!

  2. I love your attitude! Merry Christmas! :)