To Ombre or Nay?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So I need some hair advice from all of you do-it-yourself-ers. I am technically one of you out of financial necessity but lezbihonest, I prefer to get my color on at the salon. By a professional, which I am not. What I am is broke and itching for a change. Specifically some ombre. I don't care if it's "done" or "so last year". I happen to like it and I want to try it myself. I have been very successful doing single process color on myself  but my only attempt at actually  really changing the color drastically resulted in a hideous shade of orange and a trip to the salon to get it re-did by a pro. Who undoubtedly thought I was an idiot. 

Anyway I really need to decide on the color which is where you all come in. Do I go more funky red like above... or maybe just something a little lighter but not quite blond like this....


Questions for You:
Have you done your own ombre? Did you use a kit or go to the beauty supply store and buy the developer and the color and all of that? Do you think I'm crazy to try this? Is there anything better than a greasy chick fil a chicken biscuit when you are hung over?

Enough with the questions. Any advice you can off I would appreciate and I promise to post pics of the process and the results. I am shooting for Thursday night with a little wine and maybe some pizza rolls with a friend for an extra set of hands. Christmas party season officially kicks off on Friday night and I am headed to Charlotte for the ACC Championship to watch FSU demolish Duke. I think this all calls for a new do. Don't you?

Ummm... yeah, we got this!


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  1. I love ombre! I have not done my own hair in years, but i sort of feel like this style would be something that wouldnt be as hard to do at home...i dunno though!