I'm Failing at Christmas...

Thursday, December 19, 2013

As time is ticking away and we are getting closer and closer to Dec. 25th I see my hopes and dreams of all of the things I wished to accomplish for Christmas this year begin to melt away faster than the ice in my Maker's Mark and Egg Nog. But I still have a little time so I am not giving up just quite yet. And just to make myself feel a little better I thought I would take a gander at how badly some other folks have failed at Christmas. And of course since some of these epic fails about made me pee my pants I just had to share...

Can anything be better than a giant pink penis spewing green lights on your front lawn? I think not. Seriously, how did they not realize what they were doing here?

Now this is one that I really, I mean really want to do. And please don't get all offended, I'm a good Christian I just love to do something in a truly tacky Christmas fashion every once in awhile! And what could possibly beat the baby Jesus in a beer box??? My next door neighbors have one of those "Keep Christ In Christmas" signs in their front yard.... I would like to do this nativity with a "Keep beer in Christmas" sign.

I am not really a fan of the blow ups and here is precisely why... who thinks these things thru before they bring them to stores?  What in the actual fuck are they supposed to be doing here?

Here is another little somethin special that would be fun to craft at Christmas. I just love the unexpected, whimsical tabletop decorations don't you?

And last but not least it wouldn't be Christmas without at least one Pinterest Fail. This person must have been a complete moron or this is just plain made up. No one can screw up this bad!

Maybe I'll have some original material to share here soon but for now this has made me feel much better:)

Oh and just one more...



  1. jesus in a miller lite box just made my life!

  2. Hahahaha these are too funny "keep beer in christmas" I love it!

  3. Haha! I love these! Nothing says Christmas like a Gingerbread crackhouse.