Fan Friday & Epic Christmas Party #backthatazzup & A Give Away!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Well ya'll might be getting sick of me talking about my JaBoo but .... I am still on my "highz-man" after my boys big win of THE BEST trophy like ever in the entire world.  So that is the fan portion of this edition of Friday VavoomShabangin cause it's the weekend partayyyyyyy! Come on.... he's just so stinkin cute. Just look at him....

And he better come thru for me with flying colors on January 6th cause I made a bet last night with an Auburn fan co-worker  at the company Christmas party. As a result of too many of these...

And if FSU and JaBoo do not come thru I will be flying these colors on my car for a solid week... PUUUUUUKKKE!!! What in hell was I not thinking.  

It really doesn't matter cause we are #WINNING and he will be flying the Garnet & Gold... uh huh... cause we gonna "Do It Big"

Speaking of BIG.... My girl Big Holly has a Big Target Giveaway today over at her little corner of the bliggity bloggy neighborhood so go check it out here and get you some cash...

And all I have left is to #backthatazzup with Whit ... and wish for a sharp stick in the eye to whomever the fucktard is that stole her damn credit card. So there! And just so you can close your eyes and get a nice visual here one of the really cute boys in my office did a striptease while Karaoke-ing to this song last night at Epic Company Christmas party. IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Looking for a pony, 

Venus Trapped in Mars

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