Hei5man Weekend Re-Cap

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Jameis won the Heisman!!!! Go Noles!!! Next up the National Championship! 

What a weird weekend. My baby turned 8. It seems like just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital and put her under the Christmas tree. Literally. We picked up take out the night we brought her home and sat on the floor next to the tree and ate crappy bbq while she slept in her car seat. It also seems like another lifetime ago. She had a fun day and a spa date with her best friend for the afternoon. Mani's, pedi's and up-do's... so cute they were! We had a quiet dinner at home and a small cake, just us. Her Dad has been in the hospital all week battling his health issues. They let him out around 6:00 but he didn't come over. She talked to him on the phone though so there was that at least. I feel so bad for my kids. Their Dad misses so much of their lives. But I was here, as always.
It was nice not to have too much going on for a change. After traveling the last 3 weekends it was nice to be home and be lazy. I heard from an old friend this weekend too. You ever get a text or a call from someone from your past and just go  "what the hell?" Yeah, well that was pretty much how it went. A guy friend who once upon a time I thought maybe I could have something with. Thanks Facebook... anyone can find you now. Not sure what to make of that one. To be continued I guess.
Soldier boy is back in town too... yee haw and hell yes! Hes so fun... gonna hang with him a little this week as the kids get out of school for the holiday on Thurs. and ship off to Dad's for the weekend! Yippee... adult time! Guns, guns and more guns. All kids of guns:)
I'm completely out of sorts and I am sure this is going to be a ridiculously crappy post. Christmas is like minutes away and I have nothing... I mean nothing done. I will get my Christmas bonus on Thursday and then  I can do all of my shopping online in one night. How insane is that??? Sad but true. And guess what? I won't have to wait in line or look for parking anywhere! I might even be shopping from bed, with a glass of wine... can't beat that.
Anywho I am at work so I really should be working. I was too lazy to finish this post last night. I was too busy Candy Crushing and POF'ing and OkCupid-ing from my couch. Which reminds me... I promised ya'll an update on the online dating shit-tasticness that is my life right now as I am revisiting this as an appropriate way to meet men. Guess what... it's not going any better this time than it did the last time. Worse maybe... I already got tricked into thinking someone was normal only to be invited to a hotel room...newsflash... that's not what dating sites are for douchebag. Check out Adult Friend Finder, that's the one for hook-ups. More on that later. Lets get to the photos of the weekend cause every picture tells a story don't it:)

Cheers Everybody... Here's to a fantabulous week ahead!!!

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