It's Freakin Cold In Atlanta....

Friday, January 24, 2014

Well good mornin to ya'll from a chilly south today. It was 13 degrees on my way to work and that is just a tad on the cold side. I am so ready for the weekend. Gonna be a quiet one as we hunker down and just stay warm. The girls have plans tomorrow so I get to have a Mother -Son night with my main man tomorrow. He has requested burgers and fries so.... twist my arm looks like we are going to Burger Fi ... 
I'll try to be good but if you have ever been there you know it's really effing hard. 

Really fucking hard....

And those bastard's over at Plenty of Fish are still trying to keep the woman down but I got thru the back door ...hey hey ... and crafted myself a nice new profile chock full of sassy goodness. I must have really pissed someone off cause they had me cockblocked but good over there. I had to create a whole new email address and err-thing. I'm still mad, can ya tell? But never fear... there will be more dating stories to come. But on the other hand Mr. Army Guy is providing some good entertainment and seems to be fairly promising albeit a little serious. I think he needs a good dose of crazy shenanigans to loosen his bahooty up. He is so funny, very matter of fact about everything which provides me lots of opportunity for teasing. He definitely doesn't know quite what to make of me... which is hilarious. 

What else.... I heard this on my way in this morning and it is always a jam so let's #backthatazzup on a cold one with some Red Hot Chili Peppers... 

Love Peace and Chicken Grease....


  1. I'm in Birmingham, AL and yes, it's very cold. I don't like it.

  2. dont even talk to me about cold. it -25C here and im at my desk AT WORK with my winter coat and scarf. i legit have not gotten undressed since i came in from my car this morning at 7am. it's 11:15 here, btw. winter sucks!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. SO incredibly over the cold. YUCK! And I love your #backthatazzup song:) Reminds me of Center Stage haha


  4. Holy frozen ball sack that's cold Kit Kat! Don't get undressed!!!

  5. yea it's 30 here where I live. if you live in Atlanta, ga. I'm 3 hours south of Atlanta. I'm now following you. would love a follow back.

  6. It is super cold here, too! I live in Northern KY.

    And POF use to provide me hours of entertainment. Not a good thing came from that site but I sure had lots of laughs!

  7. I don't even want to hear you cry about the weather... wind chill was -20 where I live today. So suck it, bitch. ;)

  8. Wait you have to tell me about this plenty of fish profile!!!! lol

  9. that burger looks friggen incredible!!! also it needs to warm the f up!!!