FSU... UnConquered... 2013 National Champions!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I cannot be any more proud of my Alma Mater today!!! The game last night was the most exciting game for me in the history of FSU. It was tough and we were down for a good bit of it but we never gave up and little by little we earned our way back and every point we put up on the scoreboard. And in large part thanks to this guy right here... our Heisman winner Jameis Winston.... aka Jaboo!

And let's not leave out this guy.... head coach Jimbo Fisher. I mean what can I say. I didn't think anyone could rival Bobby Bowden's lovability but this man has also completely stolen my heart! And his son Trey always by his side.... love it!

I am sad to see this amazing trophy and tradition come to an end but I am thrilled beyond words that my team will go down in history as the final recipient. 

And in case ya didn't see the game winning touchdown by all 6'-6" of hunkfest Mr. Kelvin Benjamin or KB as Jaboo and co. call him.... BOO YAH!!!! Whoop there it is!!!!!

Well played Auburn, classy all the way and the toughest game of our season... hands down. 

Since there is nothing else I could possibly talk about today I will just leave you with this...



  1. Go Noles!!!!! No, I'm not typically an FSU fan, but I certainly was that night! It was a GREAT game!