Snow Day

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White lips  pale face  breathing in the snowflakes

Because Ed Sheeran  lyrics are always perfect. 

So we have another snow day here in GA and it sure is pretty. Kids are home again even though I seriously doubt the roads are at all deadly. But you really never know here, people drive like fools when they see snow/ice.

I spent the later half of yesterday in a flurry of emails and phone calls and online assessments in preparation for 2 interviews today. The first one on the phone this morning and a second 2 hour face to face on site this afternoon (different companies). I never know if I am jinxing myself and maybe I shouldn't be talking about this stuff but what the hell... it certainly can't hurt to ask for prayers, well wishes and positive vibes! So I am asking... please send all you can muster!!! I am kinda sorta getting to the end of my rope in many ways but I also still feel hopeful too... weird I know. Like the right thing is just around the corner I just have to hang on a little longer and not give up. Which trust me is not an easy task... AT ALL. But I am still here so there's that!

The last couple of weeks have been really hard for me. I am seriously ready to get back to work and close this chapter. Wish me luck!