Weekending and Still Weekending...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And so the weekend continues. Here we are on Tuesdy and still it goes on. Thanks Inclement Weather Days. It was a pretty nice weekend though. I have had so much shit on my mind lately I really truly live for the weekends. I give myself permission to sleep and try to decompress as much as possible because the rest of the world does so I should too right? Right.

Friday night I treated myself and the 2 littles to a nice steak dinner while big sister was off hostessing to support the family. Ha... not really but kinda sorta.  I was just in the mood to cook and drink red wine so I did. A nice Mark West Pinot Noir and some yummy ribeyes, sauteed mushrooms and ceasar salad.

Saturday morning was Girl Scout Cookie pick up day for us and all of the troops in North metro Atlanta. That's a lot of cookies right there...

This was my 3rd time as co-troop cookie Mom even though I said I was not officially doing it... I still got roped in by my bff. I did get a lovely Valentine's lunch out of the deal too at one of the cool new spots up here in our newest shopping venue... The Avalon. We checked out Bocado Burger and I must say it was absolutely amazing.


I had the Prosciutto Stack on a lettuce wrap and a beet salad. I was in heaven. The burgers (a double stack) were tender and juicy, onions & mushrooms  were perfection and the crispy prosciutto on top pretty much sealed the deal. No condiments necessary. The beet salad was as much a feast for the eyes as the mouth. Hidden underneath was a dollop of homemade ricotta and it was topped with crispy pumpkin seeds. I may have veered off my Whole 30 plan a little but not much and it felt good. My bestie did get sweet potato fries and I had 3 I think. They were good but honestly I didn't miss the bun or the fries as part of the burger meal. Success.

Saturday night since my kiddos were busy having a social life I slipped off to get a little tiny VDay ink at my fave shop, Terminus City Tattoo. I can never pass up special pricing and holiday themed designs, They had an "Unlucky In Love" theme for Friday the 13th and Valentines Day... It's becoming a thing, I know.  I mean really, how could I pass up that theme??? Sunday was freezing tennis and a little more wine. And that was that.

We were off school for President's day and it is currently sleeting and freezing raining all over the place in GA so school is cancelled again for tomorrow. My power is flickering and trees are falling in the woods behind me so trying to get this published before I am in the dark for the night. Please God... don't take my power!

Have a great one everybody!


  1. Damn cookies - we are suckers!! Sounds like a chill weekend . . . The best kind!!

  2. eeps, seems like mother nature is on a rampage! we're in a deep freeze (so much so that pipes are bursting all over the city), the maritimes are getting buried under a massive snow storm as is the northeast US!!! winter can die already.

  3. im not big on steaks but they seriously look amazing. yum!

  4. That is a lot of cookies!!! Okay now I kinda want a burger, yum! I want another snow day, but without the snow!!

  5. I can't get past the meat. I love meat. They look amazing.

  6. Your meals have me drooling!!! Between the cookies and the steak I don't know what I want first lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. Dear Lord that burger legit had me drooling! So yummy!!!

  8. OH man... all those Girl Scout cookies. It's like heaven!