Friday Favorites

Friday, February 20, 2015

Photobomb level vs. fuck level given (nature edition) -

I feel  like it has been Friday all week... sorta. The ice storm shut down our already shortened week to one day? Maybe, not even sure it was worth it for the kids to go to school on Friday anyway. I had a fairly good week. I had one good interview and a couple of promising opportunities arise that should evolve a little more next week. I fit into a pair of black work pants I haven't worn in forever so that was kind of a nice surprise too. My interview/work wardrobe is increasing as my weight continues to drop. Another nice added bonus. Even though Amanda is off getting married today I for one am still linking up for Friday Favorites cause that's just how we do!


Yankee Candle Kindle Candles - If you burn real wood in your fireplace all winter long these things are amazing. I have a gas starter in my fireplace but helloo.... Natural Gas is hella expensive this time of year and I am trying to live as lean as possible with utilities. Put one of these little babies under your wood pile, walk away and boom, roaring fire in like 5 minutes. At $6.99 for a 12 pack I am all about it.
And this is actually how it looks in my fireplace...


Martha Stewart Mac and Cheese 101 - This time of year aren't you just craving comfort food? I know I am and this is one of my most asked for and favorite recipes of all time. I remember getting this in an issue of MS Living 100 years ago and making it for the first time. It is labor intensive but I have probably made it dozens of time since then. It's not healthy but it is by far the best Mac and Cheese I have ever had. And yes, I would give my left arm for some right now. May have to make a batch soon. Major cheat but this would be soooo worth it!


All I can think about lately is a trip to my favorite place Santa Rosa Beach, FL. You can see why.


Louis CK has been a fave of mine for about 5 years now. I just discovered that all 5 seasons of the show he used to have on FX, Louie, are now on Netflix. I can hear my next binge calling my name. It is freaking hilarious, please watch it! Here is a favorite bit of mine on what else... divorce and social media. Parents of young kids please watch till the end... you're welcome.


I was out and about last weekend and heard this song and it's been in my head all week. If you get offended easily, don't listen. I love Jack Black. The first song...


Kid Rock & Foreigner - The $20 Ticket Tour. I missed it last time, not this time. $4 beers too. Can't beat that! July 19 in Atlanta... that is where you can find me!

And always we must leave room for some funny fails. Cause people are so dumb.

How did he die? He got run over by a car while mowing the lawn in the street. 

fail animated GIF

I always feel like the other models must be thinking... "amatuer... get out of my way"

fail animated GIF

If you have kids you have experienced some version of this. 

fail animated GIF

Hey dummy make a wish!

Dandelion Fail animated GIF

I still maintain treadmills are deadly. 

Fail Gym Fail animated GIF

And this is why we get siblings to push siblings. 

Fail Ruh Roh animated GIF

The saddest part is she is doing a hair curling tutorial.

Confused Fail animated GIF

I love boys, zero fucks given about your kumbaya moment.

Askreddit Fail animated GIF

If you a big girl, don't ride the bull. Just don't. Not gonna end well. 

Bucking Bronco Fail animated GIF

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. And where do you find these amazing yankee candle firestarters?! We heat primarily with a wood stove and I can never get that damn thing going to save my life. These look awesome!

  2. I had about 10 other things I wanted to say, but then I got down to your funnies and couldn't concentrate!! So hilarious! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. hahhahahahahaah that seagull meme. of all your memes that made me laugh the hardest!!!

    man, i would give anything to be on a beach right now. my hands are FREEZING as i type this and I'M AT HOME. i guess that's what i get for living in a country where it's MINUS 22 right now #RAGE

  4. Seriously I want the beach already, over the snow!! OMG I can't even with your funnies! The best!

  5. I love Louis CK!! I know what I will be watching next Netflix binge. I wish I could get all your gifs to load but that never seems to be the case. I bet their epic though. Loved the seagull/whale bomb!

  6. If I had a fireplace I'd totally use that kindle starter.

    I love Tenacious D.

  7. One day of work/school Id say thats a win ..even if the snow sucks lol Love the first meme so much and that mac and cheese looks yum!

  8. I want to eat THAT mac n cheese by THAT fire. Where is my invite?!