Friday Favorites

Friday, February 27, 2015

Well fuck this week and the horse it rode in on. I am glad that it's over. Except for one good thing, my doctors appointment, everything else was kinda most definitely shitastic. All of my various interviews turned out to be a bust. One was really not a good fit for me (super corporate and stuffy) and I knew it when I left so that feedback was not surprising. The other one I was pretty excited about, they said they thought I was too laid back for the position. The work environment was not corporate or stuffy (ummm... big corp but they can wear jeans... love that) and they made a big point of getting that across but the recruiter said they are looking for someone who is a little more uptight. She actually used the word "uptight" for God's sake?!?! I think that was a poor choice of verbiage but I think I get what she meant. This is my struggle with interviews. I am taking the stance that I will try to impress and say what they want to hear to an extent but I am not going to try and portray myself in a light that isn't me. I am laid back but it doesn't mean I don't get my work done, on time and probably better than many others. I just don't freak out about it. It doesn't mean I am not meticulous and a perfectionist. But I guess they have to make a judgement call after knowing someone for 30 minutes. Their loss.

Thanks Kanye. Now let's get to the favorites with that newly married lady Mrs. Amanda...


I think this is pretty important information for all of us to have. Especially considering this might be the weekend that I allow myself to splurge on some delicious pizza pie. I do pretty much agree with the pairings here even though I have never actually given this any thought other than wine... wine goes with pizza. Period.
Pizza and wine pairings.  OMG I can hardly WAIT to try these with some of my friends!  Make an evening out of it!    :)


I have been in need of a new front door mat and I think this really sums up the way I want my guests to feel as they enter my home. I love Target. Please don't sell out before I get there this weekend!


Is it just me or are Beyonce and Jay-Z even more fabulous together than they are just normally? Love this song.... the Kardashian-West's got nothin on these two.

I haven't been cooking shit lately because I have just been pissy and lazy. This is helping to make my kids more self sufficient though so it's not all bad. It gives me an opportunity to teach them how to make their own simple meals and all I have to do is over see a little. But if I was cooking this is what I would be making...


Pillsbury Pizza Cake - I have been wanting to try this for some time and this recipe looks super easy and probably fun to do with the kids. We all love ordering pizza but it's so easy to make and it usually comes out just as delicious for a fraction of the price of take-out. And... healthier ingredients! Stay tuned for the results!

This is a pepperoni pizza cake, which is just a layer of pizza, topped with another layer, and another, and...sorry, drooling.

This Simple Recipe For Pepperoni Pizza Cake Is A Gift

And the moment we all wait for every week... the funny stuff.

new animated GIF

I have actually felt like this a few times this week. And P.S. when the hell is the new season out?

black animated GIF

This is about how serious our blizzard was this week. I want to meet this guy. 

New Snow animated GIF

I love how the first guy is so serious and then... Oppan Gangnam Style!!!

art animated GIF

This is just dumb but I like it. 

funny animated GIF

I totally think my dog gets pissy when I yell at him and walk away. 

funny animated GIF

I would love to see this roll up on the course.

Cheezburger animated GIF

Seatbelts. Use them even on the kiddie rides. 

Amusement Cheezburger animated GIF

Rope swing = This will not end well.

Fun Looks animated GIF

Cheers to the freakin weekend!


  1. Well if they wanted someone uptight can you imagine what it would have been like working there - so that's definitely a bullet dodged!! OMG I'm dying with those funnies - the dog one is hilarious! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. The pizza and wine graphic is amazing. I wonder if they have one with beers? Such a bummer about the interviews but it sounds like neither place was right for you anyway. Cheers to the freakin' weekend is right - let's eat pizza and buy awesome door mats and say fuck you to anyone who gets in our way!

  3. A pizza cake?! That just sounds freaking FANTASTIC!

  4. That pizza cake looks fucking amazing. I can tell I'm getting close to needing my less stringent weekend eating.

    Sorry about the interviews. I think it's so hard, the amount of time and the format in general.

    Too funny, that doormat is on my Target list for Sunday. I too hope it's still there.

  5. OMG that pizza cake. saturday i'm letting go of the reigns with my eating because it's my once a month fancy-schmancy dinner date with my husband where we get all dolled up, go to a highly reviewed restaurant and stuff our faces; budget and diet be damned. i can't wait!!!

  6. Interviews are so tough, we are starting to interview people and it is so hard to know what you are looking for until you find it. You will find one that suits you though, keep your chin up! I totally think my dog does that behind my back! Sassy britches! Seriously when is season 3 coming out!!!

  7. They wanted someone uptight? Well damn .. take it as a compliment you didnt get that one because who the fuck wants to be uptight all day long. Also pizza cake? where have I been??