Friday The 13th Favorites

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hey Chicks! Happy Friday the 13th and all of that. Superstitious much? I am and I am not doing much today because it would be very likely that a building would fall on me or something like that today. My big interview this morning got cancelled... CANCELLED!!!! Apparently the employer decided to "go a different way" with hiring and the position is no longer available. So fuck off with your different way employer. Monday is a day off school so that means no alarm and no getting anyone up and out. Yay... cheers to a 3 day weekend! But seriously I'd rather be getting up...


Kindly Fuck Off.

Horrible Cards: Greeting Cards by The Oatmeal


It's everywhere and I LOVE it. I can't wait to get some and work it into my Old Navy/Target/Walmart chic wardrobe. Oh and I still want these shoes. 


I love something I can do in the length span of one song and this to Uptown Funk looks totally doable.


If you remember this song originally done by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush then you are as old as I am. And it is an amazing song... go watch the original video if only to see Kate's epic mullet. This... is an epic remake though. With a great message. 

Round 2 Song - I have kind of fallen in love with Lindsey Stirling, an American violinist and performance artist. This video and her version of "We Found Love" is pretty uplifting and awesome!


Plantain Nachos

I had the best of intentions for these and in my distracted stupor last night I burnt 2 batches, yes two batches of plantain chips. I should have taken a picture because it was an epic fail for sure. But I am so craving nachos or pizza I have to give this another try this weekend. Any tips for me because the few that were edible tasted pretty shitty and definitely un-nacho like.

Plantain Nachos


I have a blate....In case you didn't know that's a blogger date... with Amy form Getz Girl on Fire. We are having lunch on Tuesday  after trying to plan this for what... a year now? Clearly we are horrible planners since we live just on the other side of town from each other. I am so excited! I am also excited to eat out because I haven't done much of that here lately! And all I can think about is fried pickles because the place where we are going is known for them. Give me all the fried pickles please!

And in honor of the romantic weekend upon us I give you cautionary tail of all of the things that could possibly go wrong should you decide to actually take the plunge. You've been warned.

Why would you ever consider this? Bye bye ring...

funny animated GIF

I think she thought he was a bachelor for life. 

funny animated GIF

Again... asking for trouble. Old boat slips are not designed for entire wedding parties. 

Fail Wedding Picture animated GIF

Drunk wedding guests are the best...

drunk fail animated GIF

Love that this guy just keeps on going...

drunk animated GIF

This one is even worse... look at this thing!!!

Cheezburger animated GIF

And I am one of those people that laugh at the wrong time. This is just cute!

funny animated GIF

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Happy Weekend Folks!


  1. hahahahahahaha drunk people at weddings are the best! sorry that company cancelled the interview; but that just means it wasn't meant to be. hope something comes along your way very soon!

  2. Eff that Company that cancelled. They sound like somewhere you wouldnt want to work anyway. I have been in a major funk lately, too. I think it is just the Winter. I think everything is terrible right about now as well. All those wedding/proposals did make me lol though. Thanks for that!

  3. I shouldn't have seen those gifs before the wedding......cue the panic hahahahah just kidding but not really.....

  4. Oh my gosh the wave proposal!!! Ahhhhh!!! That shit would happen to me. Happy Friday the 13th chica - cheers to the freakin (long) weekend!!!

  5. THOSE GIFS! I'm dead!!

    Also I LOVE Lindsey Sterling too!!

  6. So glad you and Amy will meet up! Have a blast!

    I'm sorry the company canceled. That blows.

  7. Oh My Gosh! I'm SO EXCITED to see you on Tuesday!! I can't even stand it!!

    Totally forgot about Friday the 13th . . . guess that's a good thing! I'm more focused on getting everything done this weekend . . . having a 2nd cup of coffee now in preparation!

    And you know I love the Friday funnies . . . the wedding series is priceless! I found myself gasping at some of them . . . doh!

    I love it when folks post new music . . . one of my favorites I played today at boot camp in honor of Valentine's Day came from you . . . Somebody Loves You by Betty Who! Cheers to the freaking weekend sister!

  8. Such a bummer it was cancelled. :( Have fun on your blate! Blogger friends are the best! Your gifs, I can't even! Dying!

  9. what jerks (re: that interview)! I'd been pissed. your gifs crack me up!

  10. Aww girl thats a bummer. Something will come around. You know Im not a big fan of fringe at all? Dont hate me. Plantain nachos sound yummy I eat plantain all the time (its a staple here). Have a great weekend girlie!!

  11. What a bummer about the interview. I'm sorry girl. :(
    I hope you have fun on your blate!