Food for Days... 30 To Be Exact

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Since I did the Whole 30 a lot, I mean a lot, of people have asked me "what did you eat every day"? Well, lucky for everyone I am a big Instagrammer and if it looks worthy I usually take a pic of said pretty food and post it. So I thought I would just mash up all my pics for you today cause I have interviews later and my brain is a mess but I am always thinking about my next meal.

Let me preface this by saying that this is definitely the easiest way of eating I have ever taken on. Although you do cut out sugar, dairy, grains and alcohol the opportunities are really endless as to what you can choose to eat. So here is what my month on Whole 30 looked like. The majority of these meals sprang from my brain and other pics I saw on various Instagram accounts!

Obviously, I love cooking. I love making things look good & super healthy... and if I could figure out a way to meal prep for people for a living I would do that all damn day! I know people are doing this, I think I would be good at it. Things I am always thinking about.... 

Speaking of a living... a few weeks ago I sent in an application for a new "docuseries" about Mommy Bloggers. Now, I don't consider myself a Mommy Blogger per se... at all... but I am a Mom and I blog. So I figured what the fug, maybe someone would be interested in seeing what the life of a divorced, unemployed (interviews this week please pray), broke (powerball tomorrow please pray), blogging, single Mom with 3 kids and a bat-shit crazy ex husband (lost cause don't waste your prayers) looks like. And guess what? I made it to the second "round" of casting, whatever that means. So pray that I can keep the interest in muh crazy train going. 

Off to get ready for an interview. I spent this morning on the phone with Dell Tech Support, who by the way was FABULOSO... trying to clear a freaking virus off my practically new laptop. Thank you Universe, I'll try to watch less porn form now on. Ba dum tsssss.... wish me luck with all of that.

Linking up with Emily & Kate even though it's not technically a recipe, it is food for thought which is always just as good. 

Martinis & Bikinis



  1. The food looks really good. I am mostly Paleo because hello cheese but I have scaled way back. Fingers crossed on the docuseries, and on the interviews!!

  2. how awesome!!! will this be aired on TV if you make it?

    good luck on the interviews!!

  3. The food looks yummy and filling!! go girl!! Fingers crossed for the opportunity :)

  4. Fingers crossed on interviews and powerball and seriously this series. I'd totally watch!

  5. I basically drooled every time you posted a picture on insta! Hope the interview went well! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Hope your interview went well.. This all looks delish!

  7. how in the hell did I miss this post the first go-round?! Look at all this amazing stuff! If I could afford it you could come be my meal prep person!