Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Linking up today with the ladies over at  In Residence and Dearest Love for the February edition of Currently.... So here is what I am currently...


Almond Butter... like I can't freaking get enough of it because I am currently not eating any sugar, even post Whole 30. I just don't feel like I want to add sugar back in so leave it to me to explore the vast world of Almond Butter options because it's so delicious. I have found the holy grail, You Fresh Naturals, and I am sharing it with you now. They have four regular flavors in stock but periodically add special editions that immediately sell out like Carrot Cake, Red Velvet and Marshmallow Espresso. It's hand crafted, Paleo, Gluten Free and all natural. I ordered this and then it came...


Ham on Rye.... A story by Charles Bukowski circa 1982, whom I have recently kind of gotten into. I am really feeling the semi-autobiographical, gritty, coming of age type of stuff right now. Also on my night table On the Road by Jack Kerouac for a re-read. Maybe some J.D. Salinger or Ginsberg next. I'm in a weird place.. clearly lol


More tattoo sketches. I made myself a mental promise that I wouldn't even think about more ink until the spring and/or maybe if I lost 30 pounds. Who knew 30 wouldn't be so far away? Loving the idea of a sternum/under boob piece. And I think I am going to get a sketch book and just start designing my own. I used to sketch all the time, I miss that little hobby.

Sternum underboob tattoo design by Timothy Von Senden. Like henna or mehndi, pretty & girly


All Paleo/Clean Eating/Whole30 friendly food. Like this... waffle iron hash browns. Because on Whole30 you can actually eat potatoes because guess what? They are a real natural food! Now don't eat too many if you want to lose weight faster and definitely don't fry them but do try putting them in your waffle iron. Just make sure you remember to respray your iron with non-stick spray for the second round or you will end up with hash brown concrete.


The mid season return of The Walking Dead this Sunday. Can. Not. Wait. This show is my kryptonite.

What are you currently hearting, reading, pinning, eating, anticipating? 


  1. Potatoes in a waffle iron sound so good right now! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I am counting down the days to Walking Dead!!!!

  3. That almond butter sounds amazing!! Carrot Cake flavor, yum! I can't wait for Walking Dead, missed it.

  4. I have got to try that almond butter. It sounds amazing!!

  5. Waffle iron hash browns?! This is brilliant!

  6. i have never had almond butter, seriously i need to try it. also.. potatoes any old way, gimmie. yum. i love taters.

  7. i decided to do a 3-month no-grain eating experiment just to see what it'll do/how i'll feel. when i first started my journey, i cut down grain consumption to just once a day (like, a piece of toast or oatmeal for breakfast) but this time, i'm going to cut it out completely. i have a feeling i'll be eating a lot of sweet potatoes, chia seeds and squash for the next while!

  8. I should definitely use my waffle iron more.

    I love almond butter!

  9. 1. I'm scared to try almond butter for fear of yet another addiction.
    2. I think the withdrawal symptoms of Daryl are getting close to intolerable, CANNOT wait for SUNDAY!

  10. I tried my waffles in the iron and they wouldnt cook! It just burn the edges and left the rest raw. Is there something I should know!?

    TWD - I cant wait. There will be blood.. and wine.

  11. Those hash browns look amazing and yay for being paleo/whole 30 compliant. I need to try almond butter.

  12. Oooh yes for hashbrownsss!

    Also pleease share any almond butter recipes!

  13. I will try anything with the words red velvet in it. Even almond butter I think! YUM.

  14. i LOVEEE almond butter!
    and props on working hard to loose the weight! i know the struggle (60lbs down so far, another 10-20ish to go).
    MAD PROPS on that tattoo being your motivation! i definitely say start sketching and see what you come up with by spring time!

  15. I saw a waffle iron hasbrown where you use tater tots and it works!! Well, at least it did in the video. hmmmm. Can't wait for Walking Dead!!!

  16. Almond butter is the best.....I get t fresh ground at Whole Foods......delish!!!! That tattoo sketch is amazing!!! I wish that I could sketch, but alas, I have to leave that to the experts.

  17. The almond butter sounds really good! I agree with Jules, grinding it fresh from whole foods is the way to go!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us!!