Hashtag Humpday

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This day has almost gotten away from me but I figured I should still at least attempt to get a post up before the next snowmaggedon hits us and I go into hibernation. So I guess it's confession/ hashtag time for this girl.

This week has been insane and it is only Wednesday. Multiple interviews with 2 companies has my head absolutely spinning. Some really great opportunities are popping up for the first time. Positions that I think I would be so happy in which haven't been a plenty so far. Fingers crossed that something pans out for me soon. Everyone keeps asking how the interviews went. I have completely lost my ability to assess this. I don't know. I always think they went well so don't ask me cause I am still unemployed ... #surelyyoucantbeserious #yesyesiam #anddontcallmeshirley

I went and saw my cardiologist today for my 6 month checkup. Yes, when you get old, abuse your body and have a bad family history of high BP you need one of those. Guess who got the high five from the coolest heart doc in Atlanta??? Me... he was so proud of some of the changes I have made most notably the 27.5... you heard me... pounds I am officially down since my last visit. Getting closer to one of my 2015 Manifesto bullet points of reducing my meds and/or eliminating some altogether. #donthatemecauseyouaintme

No seriously, so the rest of my life might be in the toilet but my health is coming along nicely. Still, trust me, long ways to go. I really feel like the universe looks down on my small strides and tries to mock me. By oh, I don't know... say making my hot water heater take a shit last night in the dead of winter. The water heater that I replaced last year. I had a great day yesterday and then the universe was all like #notsofastmyfriend #hahahafuckyou

I called one of my amazing neighbors who is a handy man and he got it restarted today so I won't have to live without a shower one more day. I was thrilled but something tells me there is a problem there just waiting to happen again. #becausethatshowiroll

In other news... this is what we are currently waiting for in Atlanta. Luckily I have nothing on the schedule for the next 2 days. So hey Mother Nature... #comeatmebro

Linking up with the lovely Laura and Lauren for a little #HASHTAGHUMPDAY action. 

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  1. Wahoo! Virtual high five to add to your doctor's high five! I think it's pretty awesome that you are killing the healthy eating thing while you are waiting on other things to fall into place. Most people would just give up altogether but here you are kicking life's ass in the health department and I'm sure, in the work department here soon. Fingers crossed the interviews work out!

  2. I hope a great offer comes your way soon. I have no ability to assess those things either.

    Great job on your healthy strides!!!

    Fingers crossed the heater doesn't act out again.

  3. I don't know how you all deal with that weather you are having #shitstormforreal. And I'm still in awe of your 27 lb weightloss. You are amazing!!!

  4. fingers crossed that something awesome comes your way soon! my water heater has been on the fritz too, so after it shut off for the eleventy billionth time (rage), i made sure it was cool, stuck my hand inside where the thermocouple is (that little stick that the pilot light heats) and wiped all the crap and shit from it using a damp cloth. usually, a dirty thermocouple is the problem.

  5. I think I am going to join #hashtaghumpday next week!

    I've said it before and I will say it again - YOU GO GIRLFRIEND with the weight loss!! Super happy for you :) Give me your motivation please!!

  6. So glad the check up went well. Awesome!! Glad your neighbor was able to fix the water heater.

  7. Ummm go you with that weight loss girl. You are rocking it!!! So high five from me too. Also good for you with those opportunities popping up!