#HyenaGoHard Weekending...

Monday, February 2, 2015

A African scavenger.The hyena is more closely related to felines than canines.They are often thought of as filthy,mangy,scavengers,but they have been shown to catch their own food.Hyena mothers have been shown to take great care of their pups as well.Their jaws are made to crush bones.
They often are heard "laughing" or "giggling",but it is actually their call.They live in large packs,led by a female called the matriarch.The females eat first.

Howzit?!?!? I had a great weekend! It felt oh so awesome to rejoin the land of the living and venture out of my comfy cozy four walls and test my resolve a bit. As you may know by now I finished my Whole 30 on Saturday and boy did I ever! I spent 6+ hours in bars on Saturday and had dinner at The Vortex, the best burger joint in Atlanta... and stayed 100% Whole30 compliant.

I weighed in on Sunday morning for the first time in 30 days and I was down 20 muther faaacking pounds people!!!

I'm still in shock and there is so much I want to say. I have planned a review post for Tuesday this week but honestly I may need more time. We'll see but my head is still swimming with good stuff I want to talk about and either I need more time, multiple posts or a few more days of deep breathing and letting it all sink in and figure out what is most important for me to say about this whole experience. So I promise to come back around to all of it.

As for the weekend I got to meet one of my current favorite authors and media personalities. Jude Angelini was in town for a reading and book signing on Saturday night. I have weird taste in books and things. He's a DJ on Shade 45 Sirius/XM and a product of my hometown Detroit. I gravitate toward anyone that came from where I did and made it out... just because of that fact alone. Not that we really came from anywhere similar other than geographically. But this guy wrote an autobiographical book of short stories... Hyena...  that for some reason has resonated with a lot of people. It was beyond cool to go hear him read from the book, stories that he lived, told through his own voice. It's raw and fucked up stuff that most of us could not even imagine but I bet on some level can relate to.  The funniest thing happened too... he actually had a message which I was not expecting at all. I thought it would be all his crazy stories for the sake of selling books but it wasn't. The really funny thing was that it was something I needed to hear. One hundred percent like the universe puts you where you need to be. Takeaway... Life is funny and it's crazy and it's messy but you have to just keep going for it. Build on every experience that comes your way, good or bad. You gotta kill it every day and one step at a time you will get where you are supposed to be going. Or something like that.

Anyway... scenes from the weekend...

"Redford fo life" is now my private inside joke with Jude. I could tell ya what it means but then you would know so... no.

Superbowl Sunday I had my first few beers in a month. It was nice to have a few. Everyone was asking me all weekend if I was going to go all out on eating this Sunday, my first official post Whole 30 day. The answer is I did not. I ate pretty much all compliant except for the beer and the 3 Ingredient Fudge Bites I talked about on Friday (more on that later).

More interviews on Monday.. wish me luck.

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  1. Your weekend looks fab. And yay you for those 20 pounds lost!!! That's amazing!!! And you stayed whole 30 compliant on your night out.. Good for you. Sometimes we need a good message from somewhere and we get it from people we'd lease expect and its amazing!

  2. That picture is fucking SCARY!!!! lololol
    Congrats on the 20 pounds! That is AWESOME!!!

  3. Hurrah! 20 pounds is awesome.

    We ate a little outside of our zone yesterday but didn't go crazy. Same with our Friday night dinner out. I'm pleased to have kept to the 80% good/20% not that I'm striving for.

  4. That is amazing 20lbs!! Great job!

  5. 20 pounds down!! that is fantastic!! Congratulations and yay for a fun weekend out! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. Twenty pounds down, that's amazing!! Awesome girly! All the best on your interviews!

  7. I tried the Lemon Chiffon Voodoo Donuts Rogue Ale this weekend - made me think of you enjoying your first brew post Whole30! So exciting to have lost 20!!!