A Tattoo & A Turkey.... Thanksgiving Ink

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cute jewelry and tiny heart tattoos accessorize

So.... at the end of this week I am heading to MI to spend the get out yo fat pants Thanksgiving holiday with my family. Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-Law, 2 nephews and assorted others. That's a 12 hour drive folks with 3 kids and a dog in case ya didn't know. We break it up in two though so it's not too bad. We actually have a lot of fun and it is pretty low stress and we try to make it an adventure of sorts. As much of an adventure as one can have bee-lining straight up I-75  for 735 miles and 5 states. I like everything road trips most when I am in charge. My ex and I used to disagree about every aspect of road trips... when to stop, where to stop, what to eat, how to drive.... which made them pretty much unbearable. Except that he would drive which I do miss... nothin like being driven. I digress.

I can't believe this is on here! I totally drew mine and low and behold its been done, slightly disappointed but still has my meaning
I love this combo of the arrow and the infinity.

This post is really about a Christmas gift from my Mom. She asked me what something small I wanted within reason and I said "how about a tattoo?" That's normal right? Let me back up... she already has 3... that I know of so in this one instance my 75 year old Mom is way the hell cooler  than me. Backing up further... she got them all within the last 5 years... BOOM. Uh huh... I know. I love it. My older brother on the other hand is horrified... he's the more conservative in the bunch as far as looks go. He just shakes his head... it's funny. 

I have wanted a tattoo for years I have just chickened out or been too drunk every damn time. There were a lot of weekends in Panama City Beach when I was a poor student at FSU that I said I was gonna do it and I didn't. And that one weekend in Nashville, but no one ever wants to do it with me. And I want a girlfriend to do it with me. But it's on my bucket list for this year and the clock is ticking on 2013. So... looks like it's going to be me and dear old Mom... paying the bill that is! So ya'll need to help me decide what to get. The "Let Go" above is what I originally planned to get on the inner right wrist. I probably won't give a flying unicorn what any of you say and do what I feel in the moment but.... I still love solicited advice. If you want to see what else I like/want check out my Baby Tats/Art boards on Pinterest.

My infinity tattoo the possibilities are endless

So here are my top choices and to be completely honest I plan on getting all of them in some form or fashion, just not sure in what order but here's why.... Oh And the first one (whatever it is) is definitely going on my inner wrist... but I also like the inside of the finger a lot too...

Hearts - I just love anything in the shape of a heart. I have a large collection of heart shaped things so it's just an obvious choice to me. And of course the symbolism of the heart, I am still a romantic even after all my failed attempts. Womp, womp.

Infinity - Again I love the shape but the symbolism to me is unending possibilities. Opportunities are endless and without boundaries. Anything is possible I guess. Right?

Arrows  -This one is twofold. Being an FSU alum it is one the symbols associated with our mascot and school spirit. I really love my Alma Mater, my years there were truly some of the most inebriated happiest of my life. Part two is that an arrow has to be pulled back in order to go forward... and Lord knows I can relate to this. Hello!!! I'm ready to go forward... anyone hear me??

The words "let go" because I have always struggled with this very concept. Knowing when to let go, what to let go of and how to do it. It's a reminder.

Soooo... tell me what you think?

Unless you think tattoos are the mark of the beast, then please ....shut thy Dorito chute:)


  1. I like all these tattoos!! cant wait to see what ya get!

  2. Oooh, tattoos. I am so intrigued but so chicken at the same time! I am WAY too indecisive to pick anything, but I LOVE your choices. Dainty and cool and perfect. Can't wait to see what you get!

  3. Ok - so honestly, I'm not a tattoo girl . . . I do like Doritos, though. Ha! Winky face! But, since it's not MY tattoo, and I do like my opinion, I really like the arrow/infinity one based on how you described those items. Never thought of it like that, and I was all like "whoa, that's deep!" No seriously, it was cool. And I do love a mother/daughter bonding experience! Have a safe trip . . . road trips are FUN!!!

  4. The let go one is amazing. I love how it all blends in and I have a small tattoo on my wrist, love it and it didn't hurt too bad. :)

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  11. I really loved your initial tattoo designs and it looks attractive also. Infinite and heart shape tattoo also has a deep meaning with it and few people can understand it. I also have both shape tattoo on my hand and I love when someone judge me through these tattoos.

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