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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

Well let's just get right down to business shall we??? FSU  is still undefeated. I could end my blog post here cause that is really the most important part of the whole weekend... obvi... but it wouldn't be fair to all of the other chicanery that also went on in these parts o'er the weekend plus one extra hour. After watching my Noles handily demolish the Canes I think it is safe to say that Miami's offense runs like the Obamacare website. That was my favorite ESPN Gameday sign and it proved to be 100% tru that!!! Oh and the sign that spelled out Penis 4 different times highlighting the ESPN like this...
was also brilliant. Just in case ya missed it...
Behold the Messiah. Hi Love:)

We wrapped up the little crazy girls cheer season with a trip to the "Cheer Bowl" and the little ones took 6th place outta 10 teams. But they looked fabulous and as I reminded all of them (as a few were in tears over 6th) that this is all that really matters. The truth hurts little ones but these are the words that I personally live by, especially these days. 
 I think they should learn this young don't you??? I did change it slightly to "Open yourself a juice box..."

And here is the wrap up, football, shots, cheer leading, shots, home made pumpkin bread, bars, bagel sandwiches, little girls, big girls, besties and boots... or wedge sneakers actually and dead deer with a nice rack in the back of a pick up truck.  It's the south ya'll.

Hope everyone has a better than you deserve Monday:) I know I will!

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