Weekend Shenanigans Re-Cap

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wow.... I did a whole lotta nothing this weekend. And it was amazing!!! First things first... except for the fact that AL did not lose to LSU it was a great football weekend. FSU is still unbeaten and served up another shit hammering... this week to Wake Forest , coming out on top at 59-3... ouch. Which puts us squarely in No. 2 poll position and looking pretty solid for Pasadena and the National Championship. My Lions beat the Bears too and that is always a good thing. 
One of the nice things about a kid free weekend  is that I don't have to cook... unless I want to for myself... which I don't. So I only eat things that require very minimal effort, like this...

I did manage to get in a little shopping, not much... a few things for the mud room ongoing project, a sparkly gold headband ( for spirit wear purposes), a cute belt buckle and I got my Nov. Birchbox which had some good stuff in it! See...

And of course I spent all weekend with this guy, even took him on a date to the dog park to hang with his friends and here is how he rewarded me... typical

But he's so cute and he doesn't bug the shit out of me yet like the rest of the male species so he can snooze on my bed all weekend long. Thanks for stopping by today especially if my home slice Holly sent ya:) Please feel free to come pound the grape with me any old time!


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