Weekend Shenanigans - Monday Morning Calm after the Storm

Monday, November 18, 2013

So I wrote an entire post last night and I just now deleted it... faaaaack!!! This Monday is off to a craptastic start. I shut off my alarms ( yes I need like 5 to get up) this weekend too and realized when I woke up at 7:00 a.m. that I never turned them back on last night before I went nighty nite! I usually get up at 6-ish and get my kids up about 6:45 so this was not good. I used to completely freak out when I woke up late but I don't do that anymore. It would freak the kids out, we would all be running around like lunatics yelling at each other, with one leg in our pants shoving bagels and cereal in our mouths and sloshing down juice and coffee. Like a scene from a movie that often resulted in one or all of us in tears. Really. Now... as big of a stickler I am for being on time, as long as my kids get to school on time  I feel I have been successful and they do. Thank God I no longer have a job where it really matters what time I show up as long as I do my job and do it well... and I do that too. My advice is always look for that kind of job. Reduces a lot of stress. 

So the ex showed up 3.5 hours late on Sat. for his big move out extravaganza. I was not surprised but he did manage to pretty much take up my entire Saturday with his timetable. And he arrived late with the kids, his girlfriend, his sister and brother in law, 3 Mexican day laborers and a U-Haul truck. It looked like the Beverly Hillbillies in my driveway. I woke up feeling out of sorts and very anxious but I actually made it thru the day with no xanax... haha .... just sweet txts from thoughtful friends checking in on me. There was no drama, everything went according to the decree. The only upsetting part was that I wanted to cry when I saw the complete mess he left me in the basement and in my garage. Ugh... so inconsiderate and sadly so what I expected. I vow that this is the last mess I will ever clean up after him. Done. 

See... don't I look surprisingly calm? In all fairness this is Sunday night after several glasses of wine with the cheer moms at our end of season party. Here is our fabulous group of gorgeous little cheerleaders and one ginormous cookie cake. Aren't they cute?

All in all it was a pretty chill weekend. I got thru another major milestone on my own on this journey to a new normal. 

Oh and FSU kicked the crap out of Cuse even though the game was a little one sided and boring even from the sidelines apparently... I love a good Nole victory! (yes they were playing hangman)


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Cheers to a great week to errbody!!


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you are on the way to a fantastic new life!

  2. Thank you Katie! It feels like that a little more each day!

  3. Aww love the group of itty bitty cheerleaders. Although I would've stolen the entire cake from them if I was one of their moms.