Let the Games Begin...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hi oh!!! Time for a lil Friday linky linky cause it's officially the day after the candy Apocalypse and the dawn of Christmahannukwanza or as I like to call it Cashmas. And let's not forget the first of the holidays upon us, one of my personal favorites Turkey Day when I get to plan my entire 4 day weekend around what type of fat pants I will be wearing on the daily. Yoga pants, Yoga capri's, spandex leggings, soffe shorts.... the list goes on and on. 
So bye bye to another year of crappy costumes, annoying noise producing un-scary decorations, giant inflatable yard  monsters and pumpkins vomiting guacamole at every party. Here's a few pics of my hobgoblins and company out in the hood last night and our one basic, garden variety pumpkin carved with a good old kitchen steak knife. What can I say I like it old school... Oh and also my mudroom chalkboard wall and some new moccasins that I am in love with.

Seriously folks this is my favorite time of the year and even though it's kinda shitty and rainy here I am gonna go home and snuggle with my babies and my puppy and be happy happy happy.  
Bring it November.  I am ready for you.

#Backinhtatazzup  with Whit and Axl... vintage Axl not fat Axl.
Cause I'd hit that.


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