Happy Halloween Hookers!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is going to be short and sweet cause it's that day of year again when my office gets a lil whack-a -doo and people start dressin up and wearin makeup and I just don't get on that level... at work. But all of the nerds I work with here do. You see I work at a structural engineering firm and by that I mean a place where guys/girls who play xbox design buildings and shit that won't fall down on your head. They also really dig Halloween, which I do not as I think I have already mentioned. This is how they roll...
Sorry the thing would not rotate...
Halloween to me is just another night to be annoyed that I have something I have to do rather than sit on my deck/couch and drink wine and watch Bravo. But alas, I have kids that demand over priced costumes and pillowcases full of candy from our neighbors. So I go along for the ride. As a matter of fact this year I will be riding  in a golf cart with my BF following our seven yr. olds around the hood for a couple of hours... drankin. Should be off the chain!

I did my duty and carved the obligatory pumpkin with the little girl last night. I actually like that part of Halloween the most... the decorating and the carving cause I used to do that with my Dad every year so it's a tradition. The smell of the inside of a pumpkin makes me feel like a little girl again watching my Dad scoop out pumpkin seeds... and then of course we toast them up and eat em!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy night:)


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