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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Daily Tay

Linking up with Miss Taylor today for some not so serious but worthwhile goal this....
Someday I will ....

Do some Bikram yoga, you know the really hot one... And then invite the whole class out for icy cold beers afterward.

Have a 3 martini lunch.

Ski Aspen, Vail  or Whistler for Christmas instead of staying home.

Go back to Lake Michigan... Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Petoskey... with my kids.

Run a Turkey Trot in a Big City.

Serve my kids dessert for dinner... cake, pie, ice cream, maybe a candy bar or two.

Face paint for an FSU football game, Chief Osceola style.

Buy a Jeep.

Dye a chunk of my hair a crazy color.

Get that damn tattoo or 3 that I want... baby tats though.

Go to the Lions game on Thanksgiving Day.

Go to the US Open for my birthday on Center Court.

Spend a month at the beach or in the mountains during the off season.

Get my blog posts organized and done early.

Start painting again.

Buy a DSLR camera and photograph every damn thing.

Tell my ex-mother in law to eff off.

Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru.

Have a very small intimate wedding on the beach (assuming I ever lose my mind and remarry).

Get my financial house in order.

Be doing every day the things that I love the most for my career. Design, writing, art, fashion, food, wine.

I could go on and on and on with this one but I think that is a great note to end it on. And I do think that simply by verbalizing and/or putting these things into your stream of thought you bring them closer to being
Thanks Taylor!

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