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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Party of One

Crap... I hate setting goals right now. I hate that I always have to be the responsible one, but such is the life of a single parent with an ex who is essentially a non-contributing member of society. As I have mentioned recently I have been putting some things on the back burner. Important things that I need to be working on, maybe not daily but weekly would probably be a decent place to start. Soooo.... I am going to Link Up with my home girl Jenn at Party of One and get to work on a thing or 5 that I have been totally being an ass hat about and not doing.  Now before I lay out my list here I am going to say these are probably going to be weird goals for the average person but they are just things that I have a hard time doing (for various reasons I'll try to explain a little) or hate with a passion or possibly both. Now.... I think I am going to work on these goals for the whole month of November which we are about to dive into... cause I am just not one to get shit done overnight.

1. Opening the Mail

Now I am sure you are saying "what the fuck is she talking about? Doesn't everyone open their mail every day?". No, the answer is no... they do not. I hate opening the mail. For many many years the mail has pretty much only brought me bad news, one thing... bills. Bills I can't pay. If I give you a little back story on this it began during my marriage when every thing started to go south financially for us and in pretty much every other way too. I could write an entire post or twenty on this and maybe I should. But the long and short of it is at some point years ago I decided to just ignore the things I couldn't deal with. It was sort of my equivalent to xanax if you will.  Now I have gotten much better at this and it's not like I'm not paying the bills. Most of them are all online anyway, at least the important stuff like utilities, insurance, mortgage, etc. But all the miscellaneous stuff like medical bills, late fees, debt collectors (thank you ex douche canoe cause those just keep on comin) those little love notes arrive daily. And I let them pile up because I am weak and I am scared and I have to face it all alone... boo hoo. Suck it up buttercup. So my goal for this month is to open the mail on a regular basis and face that shit. With a big glass of wine in hand.

2. Laundry

Now this is something that I just hate, putting away the laundry. And I know every  normal woman hates it but I think for me it has bigger implications. It's just another thing in my life that is chaotic. No body in my house ever knows where their clothes are and it's my fault for not having a system in place and delegating some chores to the littles. In order for this to work I have to start with getting rid of the clothes that don't fit that their drawers are stuffed full of and stop being a hoarder. I need money but I don't have time for eBay, garage sales, consignment shops are any other such stuff... which is my excuse for holding onto all of this old stuff. I'm going to sell it and make boat loads of money!!! Ummm... no I'm not. Or at least I can't figure out how to squeeze that into the daily grind. So unless someone can clue me in I am going to Goodwill it and starting putting clothes away... in drawers where they belong and not in piles baskets  on the floor. 

3. Fitness

I need to do something other than play tennis. My ass is seriously pushing maximum density and  my jeans are slicing off my muffin top a wee bit uncomfortable. I cannot go thru the entire winter wearing yoga pants every day. Not to mention I am never going to snag a man looking like this. So 2 things I can do... run/walk/run cause it's free, and we all know running murders fat and I would also love to find a Pilate's class. I bought a groupon for that last year and I loved it. It was hard as shit but it works every freaking muscle in my your fluffy physique. Plus I have this cute little tab on my blog that is very sad and empty. 

4. Growing My Blog

This one I have actually been doing pretty good with I think. I have been blogging M-F and it's been good for me and I seem to be getting positive feedback from my woefully few lovely followers... I puffy heart you all:))) But I want to keep going with it and really see where I can take it so I am participating in the Bigs and Littles with Jenn from Party of One and a bunch of other really cool ladies... check out the button on my side bar. I also signed up for a sponsor spot on my gal pal Holly's blog and I am super excited for that shiny new experience too. Go Crazy!!! Yay Mee!!! Sorry... I have to be my own cheerleader.

5. Creating a Budget

You know what? That was my first thought. on second thought here is my number 5.

5. Meet More Hot Men and Date More

This will give me way more good material for the blog cause I know ya'll would much rather read about old crazy-pants sexcapades than my shitstorm of a budget. Right? Plus goals are boring and often a pain in the badonky to achieve... shouldn't we make more goals pertaining to having more schnick schnack fun?
I say yes!

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