Zombies....The Walking Dead - Season 4 Premiere

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When Lost ended I thought there would never be another TV show that would suck me in so completely. I was wrong. The Walking Dead has got me. I am completely addicted to it in a "this totally freaks me out cause I think it could happen" kind of way. I have to admit the first season was really hard to watch especially because it took place in Atlanta and it just all looked too creepily familiar. But I got over it and now I'm hooked. Anyone else addicted to the zombies??? Let's talk Walkers... My thoughts on the long awaited return of my favorite show.....

The Rick-tatorship - Looks like it's over as Rick seems to have abdicated in favor of a decision making council of sorts. Hmmm. I don't think this will turn out well. I do like seeing him as a farmer though... that's hott.

Romance - It was sweet to see all of the blooming relationships on Sunday night's episode. Tyreese and the new girl, Beth and Zack (unfortunately that was ill fated thanks to becoming an ankle sandwich) I even thought there was some sweetness between Daryl and Carol that we haven't seen in awhile. She called him "Pookie" awwww.... so cute. I want them to get it on already!!!

Farming - I know this is inevitable that they would have to grow food to live but is anyone thinking that the soil has got to be tainted??? Or is it just me?? I mean they have been slaughtering walkers all over that land for months. I don't think I'd be lining up for a big plate of mashed walker-taters. No thanks. Maybe that's why nerdy kid got sick and bled from like all over himself in the shower... then croaked. Just sayin.

Lost polar bear comic - Any Lost fans out there remember Walt and the comic books? Now it's Carl and the comic books... hmmmm. 

Michonne - I think she might be obsessed with hunting the Governor but I also think I would be too. Kind of like if I don't get him first he's sure as hell crazy enough to get me. She is bad to the bone. And now she rides horses too. 

Daryl, Daryl, Daryl.... I want to eat you... and not in a walker kinda way... just so cute

The Gore - It's Baaaaa-aaack!!! Zombies falling from the sky - OH MY!!! Sunday nights episode was chock full of nastiness and gore. The folks killing walkers at the fence in butcher aprons was particularly disturbing. And the big box store fiasco... can you say shit your pants and run for your life???

What's in a Name- The freaky lady in the woods and her hungry head husband Eddie. What the fuck. 3 questions??? If you look like that and I meet you in post zombie apocalypse forest I ain't asking no questions. Ur dead. Is Rick going even softer? Is Carl more a man than his own Dad? And why did he honor her wish to be a zombie with her dead head husband??? 

No way lady... just No.

Can't wait till next week!!

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