Weekend Update!!! It's Fall Ya'll!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sami's Shenanigans

So sometimes I think these weekend update posts are a total cop out for me just posting pics and recapping all the mundane crap super exciting stuff I did for the last 3 days. Like does anyone really care??? I personally like reading about what other bloggers do with their weekends, even if it is just regular stuff. I especially like reading about all of the amazing races that you ladies are running like errr damn weekend. Jeez!!! Aren't you guys tired?? I had no idea half marathons were so popular... and apparently addictive. I admire all of you and  your committment.  I had a fairly productive weekend and my kids were with theire Dad for the whole thing which I have not had in awhile so it was fabulous!!! I know that sounds horrible but I love weekends to myself in my house. I have been thinking I might have to stop referring to ex as douchebag here cause we have actually been getting along really well... and his girlfriend is even starting to be able to look at me... and occasionally speak to me... progress. I only mention this because it is really important for me... to ME... to maintain dignity and respect in front of my kids when it comes to relating to their Dad and his girlfriend. And it's been hard but I am succeeding, and it's so much nicer than being angry and nasty. So here's a lil re-cap.... and I'll take it from the top....
I made an awesome pot of chili. I drank wine (duh). I found an oddly interesting spicy vanilla creamer for my coffee... at Wallyworld of all places, and it's gooood. Home Depot has Christmas decor out already and yes... there is a pre-lit tree that comes with glitter already on it. I must own this. It is ta die for!!!! They also have the most beautiful sparkly Eiffel Tower for your front yard.....yeah ummmm what the hell is going on Home Depot... this is the USA not France last I checked! I made pretzels dipped in pink chocolate for my Breast Cancer Tennis thingy and they were adorbs. And I fucking lost again. I glittered a wine bottle and it is the most prettiest new accessory in my family room. I found a new hobby. I tried to glitter the dog... this is him not looking amused. And last but not least new $5 dolla make ya holla candle from Wallyworld in pumpkin spice, some candy corn and pumpkins for a pretty little centerpiece on my kitchen table! P.S. The front porch project and chalkboard wall project are still under construction. 

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