#Baghdad-thatazzup Friday

Friday, October 11, 2013

I wore yoga pants
Well here she is again my favorite day of the week... Friday!!! I never seem to have too much to say on Friday so I am just going to go with a few random thoughts and lay out my plans for the weekend. One of the cool things I have discovered about blogging is that when I tell you guys I plan to do something it actually motivates me to follow thru cause I hate to disappoint anyone like ever!!! And it also forces me to document with pictures, which thanks to this blog I know have like 6000 of on my phone. 

1. So first up I made the best grilled chicken last night and I do believe it was reasonably healthy as well. Simple boneless, skinless chicken breast marinated in some balsamic dressing, grilled and topped with goat cheese, Tastefully Simple Dried Tomato and Garlic Pesto and some Gia Russa Balsamic Glaze which if you are a foodie you must have. It makes everything look pretty and taste delicioso! Seee how purdy....

2. I need to get a few more fall things for my house this weekend cause I'm feeling a little slacker-y compared to all my neighbors. So here's what I'm thinking... mums and pumpkins and cornstalks should just about seal the deal like this....

Only I can't afford to blow $200 on throw away decor so mine will be a bit more "understated". But you should always have a point of reference or know what you would buy if you actually had disposable income... which I do not... thanks douche bag. 

3. I'm starting on my mudroom chalkboard wall project this weekend if it kills me. Here is what my mudroom currently looks like. Awaiting transformation....

4. I want a pot of chili... like really bad. The weather here is finally starting to cool, at least at night. High's this weekend are about 80 degrees. Now that's Fall in GA. But nights will be chilly enough for a sweatshirt so that means it's chili time in my house!
Oh and cornbread too!!

5. And last but not least we are doing a Save the Ta-Ta's theme at our tennis match on Sunday. So obviously the theme is pink. Here is what I'm making....
And we are all wearing these... or something close...
And Soldier boy is still in town hence the title of my post today. Got a few more weeks till he heads back to Baghdad. So I will be enjoying me some o' him too. Suddenly I feel like I have way over committed myself for 2 days. Oopsie... wish me luck! And I can't get enough of this song, roll your windows down and play it

Hope errrbody has a great weekend!

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