Fan Friday - Link It Up - Holla Acha Nole!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Linking up again with the Fabulous Say-rahhhh for some sports fun and a bit of Noles trivia for you all today. As you can see I am sporting one of my new fave shirts for this football season and just so ya know here is the origin of the famous saying at the most awesome Florida State University...

Founder John-Ford Griffin, an FSU Baseball Hall of Famer, used Hollachaboy. to greet friends, loved ones, and teammates. It was John-Ford’s way of conveying “you are awesome” or “go do awesome things” in a single, powerful word. It was the one-word mantra that best reflected his 110 percent commitment to success on and off collegiate and major league baseball fields. Hollachaboy. is about reaching “awesome.” Live it. Hollachaboy. Hollachagirl.

I am planning on being awesome, having an awesome weekend,  and maybe hanging out with an awesome boy, drinking a few awesome beers and watching my awesome Noles kick some Terp Boo-tay!!!


Venus Trapped in Mars

Oh and how could I forget to #backthatazzup with Whitney!

Cheers Chica's....  Mrs. Robinson

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