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Monday, October 21, 2013

Noles No. 2 in the NATION!!!! Ya Heard!!!!!

I really didn't do much of anything exciting this weekend but hunker down and watch football... and Oh what a weekend for football it was. That is in between shuttling kids around on Sat, and playing the three and a half hour death match at tennis on Sunday. It was a fabulous fall weekend sprinkled with  a little rain on Saturday but only during the hours that I needed to be outside at football games. I drank way too much some wine with my bestie and her Mom who is in town visiting on Friday night. Which caused me to sleep thru my alarm at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday and show up late to football with my daughter for cheer leading. Attention.... Mom of the Year award is in serious jeopardy here. The boy child also had a game in the afternoon and he scored a touchdown which I do not have a photo of because I was too busy chatting with another Mom. He thinks I saw it which is all that matters, that and the fact that I was the parent that was there of course. I played tennis on Sunday against the last place team in our division that has like zero points and some how it took me 3.5 hours, 3 sets and 3 tie-breakers to win. If you know anything about tennis this is called winning the hardest possible way. But none the less... a win to end my streak in loserville.

Anyway let's get to the big shee-bang this weekend... FSU kicked Clemson's ass to the curb in the most stunning victory I have seen in a very long time. Jameis Winston, our Heisman candidate, ok I'm projecting... was on fire and appeared to be playing in some sort of bubble. He was unstoppable connecting for a 51-14 beatdown over one of our most rivaled opponents. I had a football date with my son, we made chili cheese fries and sat on the couch and cheered together. It was super fun!! Here's a few of the very few I snapped this weekend... bad blogger!!!

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