Halloween Party Weekend Fail Forecast

Friday, October 25, 2013

So I may be jumping the gun  a little here and projecting but if history is any indication my Halloween party success skills will likely disappoint.  I have a party to go to tomorrow night that I have known about for weeks. Now I did have some pretty good ideas about what i was going to wear and what I was going to bring. Have I done anything towards either one to prepare? No, of course not. Cause everyone knows the best Halloween costumes are the ones you throw together at the very last second. Right??? No not right, last minute costumes generally suck, but alas I am not a costume person. But... this year I did have an idea that I thought would be cute and relatively easy to pull off. My daughter and I are Hunger Games freaks so of course I was thinking Katniss Everdeen... cause who wouldn't want to be a badass like her??? This looks pretty simple right?
I have the correct hair so no wig necessary... bonus! I actually have the pants, the tee, a similar jacket. Need the boots, the back pack, the bow and arrow and the mocking jay pin/necklace. I can do this!!! Because here's my theory on Halloween costumes. I want to look cute. Maybe sexy might be ok, I am too old for slutty to even be appropriate. But I don't want to look old, wrinkled, dirty, scary, ugly, bloody or dead. I get it but I don't want to intentionally make myself up to look that way. Sorry, it's not my thing. So wish me luck, hopefully the odds will be in my favor and I can be a fabulous 40 something mom version of Katniss. 
My second attempt at failure for the weekend is the food that I volunteered to bring to the party... something scary with an adult theme. A couple of years ago I made these and they turned out great.

They also took way more time than I  expected and I was up till 2 in the a.m. painting fake blood on cookie dough. And on top of that they were really good and gone before I could get one. So my brilliant idea this year is more alcohol related so it can't be gobbled up by tiny Halloween hellions. Vodka soaked gummy worms or bears. Too bad I didn't read the directions to see you need to soak them for like 3 days. Dammit! Oh well I'm making them anyway and hopefully they will turn out like this.. in 24 hours instead of 72.

And it's Friday so time to once again #backthatazzup with Whit... who I totally get... Even though she doesn't know what the French is going on with Taylor Swift:) 

And here's Taylor from the Hunger Games soundtrack... see what I did there?

Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars on Grooveshark

Happy Weekend Hookers:)

I wore yoga pants

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