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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Can I bitch for a sec? Grassy-assssss!!!!

Ok... at the risk of sounding a little crazy pants I am irritated. It's no secret that I am a little bit of an etiquette freak. I am ... I actually have Emily Post on my bookshelf and I have been known to refer to it. But my edition is old and doesn't cover such modern things as etiquette for texting. Which brings me to my current dilemma... when to get pissed about being ignored... via text that is. And I am not just talking about by guys/boyfriends/potential lovers cause ya'll knows I have boatloads of those hanging on my every word.... but people in general. Let me lay it out for ya here....

Ok...I was upset and apparently I way over shared. 
Notice the response text came .... the next day... and just to be clear it wasn't a response. The content of my bitch txt about my boss was in fact completely ignored. No sympathy, no words of wisdom, no probing questions for more info... just ignored. Now that particular friend does that all the time. If you initiate the text, why do you stop when I am just getting started??? Ahem... I don't think you would likey so much if I did that to you in certain cir-cum-stances.... ya see what I'm gettin at???  And even more annoying, said friend will call later and act like no texts were ever exchanged, just catching up. Yesterday he actually sent me a FB message, to which I responded and then got ignored again. And so I called him on it this morning and this is what I got. He said he was stressed...

"I didn't even realize" ?? How can you not realize that you read my text and just didn't respond? I only do that to people who text me first that I don't want to talk to... like this. I just don't answer them. But I don't text them first!!!! Am I being unreasonable?? And this is not just a guy thing, I have girlfriends that do it too. 

What it boils down to for me is this, my time is precious. I don't like to waste it. If you are getting any of it consider yourself lucky. If you ask for it and I willing give it to you and you leave it out there drifting in the wind don't be surprised if I stop giving up so freely. I don't know if I am being to sensitive but this is a little red-flaggish  for me based on my relationship history. I tend to gravitate toward selfish, self absorbed men and in the past have allowed myself to be pretty low on their list of priorities. I don't want to make that mistake again but I don't want to sound like an annoying bitch either. 

Maybe it's like when you bump into someone and you say "How ya doin?". As if you really want a detailed explanation of how they are doing. You don't. It's just something we say. So is texting "hi" or "hey" or "what's up" just another way of being polite??? Does it warrant a response or is it ok if we just leave it at that? Am I weird for thinking that a "bye" should follow a "hi" at some point? But then a lot of exchanges would prolly go a lil sumthin like this...

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands. Maybe I need more Xanax. Maybe I should just be happy that someone sends me a text that starts with "Hello Beautiful". Yeah... shuttin up now. 

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