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Monday, November 25, 2013

Yes we made it and in surprisingly good time. I can report that the kids were screaming... about a seat reclining before we left the neighborhood and the dog threw up when we were one exit down the highway from where we live... seriously... all over the snack bag. Other than that the trip was actually pretty damn good! It took 11 hours, 3 pit stops and one over night stay in a pet friendly hotel that was attached to a bar  - yeah come on! Not too bad all things considered. The first day I drove the last 2-3 hours in the rain in Kentucky which was pretty much effing miserable. But the second day we saw pretty snow flurries for about the last 2 hours in Ohio so that made up for it. We ate our weight in Pringles and Ez Cheese but no one threw up (except Winston), peed their pants, cried or lost an eye so I consider the trip a huge success. And somehow we also made it in record time, mostly cause I didn't see any sign of the Po-Po.
I am not sure what my posts this week are going to entail here from the parental abode. The nice thing about being here at home is that we just don't do much. I slept laid in bed till 9 today and it was glorious. It's a little chilly but not too too bad! My brother came over with his boys and my sis in law. We had pizza from the same place my parents have been going since 1979... please... don't even start with me all of you youngsters! 
My youngest also made a special request to celebrate her Dec. birthday early with our family up here because she doesn't ever get to do that. So yesterday we had cake and ice cream for Ava's 8th birthday, which is actually Dec. 15th. The dog is in hog heaven because they have a fenced in yard and the crate (which we brought) is still in the car. 
Today gotta make my tattoo appointment, maybe do a lil shopping, pasties for dinner... hmmmm so many choices. Or more of a whole lotta nothing... which is A-OK with me too!

How was your weekend?

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