Why Miley is In Fact a Role Model

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I didn't watch the AMA's the other night but folks were tweeting about Miley again and it got me to thinking. Some guy tweeted how she is such a horrible role model for girls which I completely disagree with on a lot of levels. First of all as I always say I have 2 daughters and I am their role model. Period. We talk about women and girls in popular culture as well as in our family, neighborhoods, schools, jobs, sports teams, etc. If one could argue that musicians and actresses are role models for our children then doesn't it go without saying that people in our own circles are just as much so? Yet when is the last time I said to my daughter..."just look at Mrs. So and So down the street, she is drunk at a party and making a fool of herself... don't be like her". We don't say that but clearly there are folks all around us behaving badly on the daily. Sometimes we are behaving badly too but when is the last time you apologized to your kid for being an ass? Most people don't. I don't always but I try to. Cause some times I am not perfect and they need to know that that is ok too.
Miley is not perfect either but here's the thing she can teach us and our young girls... she says in the latest interview I read in Cosmo that she is happy. She. Is. Happy. Now she could be lying but she "made 2013 her bitch" and I would say it shows. She did break off an engagement but does she look devastated or glowing? Glowing. She took an ass pounding over her performance at the VMA's but is she in hiding? Nope...She's putting it all out there.
As a woman who has spent most of her life making sure everyone else was happy because I thought that made me the "perfect woman" for my husband and my family, I can say I really admire Miley. Now let's not get totally carried away here and say she is 100% making the absolute perfect choices right now. I don't really know if she is or she's not. After all she is in her early 20's for God's sake. When I think of some of the things I did I can honestly say I am lucky to be alive. But who am I to say... if she was smoking meth and making porn I would say she's really effing up cause that shit is illegal and deadly but still, she would only be hurting herself which we all have a right to do. She is an artist and a performer and she performs... really well I think. If you don't like her music or twerking don't listen and don't watch. But who is she really hurting? If your daughter is watching Miley and walking around saying I want to be just like her I say you have bigger problems. I don't know if my daughters want to be like me or not but I can teach them how to be the best selves they can be. By chasing their dreams, doing what makes them happy and fulfilled, surrounding themselves with positive and good human beings, working hard and never giving up.

And let me just say.... damn... this girl looks freaking amazing and don't even try to argue with me on this. Cause when ya get down the road a piece you will look back at photos of yourself at different stages of your life and I can promise you, regardless of the clothes or makeup, hairstyles or fads, it is when you are most happy and fulfilled that you look your very best and most beautiful. And whatever you are doing in your life, it means you are doing it right, for you.


And also I would give up wine something really good for this dress.  


  1. well said :) and I adore that song, wrecking ball, i need to cover it already, it's freakin' awesome and there are sooo many great covers of it out there on youtube, check it out! happy turkey day!

  2. for sure!! I'm glad others agree! I'm so sick of people talking shit, when there are others out there doing much worse--you couldn't be more right!