Just What I Need....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

More social media... I made myself a Face Book Page for the blog here. Finally I know. I wasn't sure that I really needed one but I figured it is always better to have more exposure rather than less right? And I cannot resist having yet another place on the interwebz to muse and like random shit and talk about things that matter to me and maybe some of you too. But really, I found this amazeballs picture and I thought it would make a really sparkly beautiful FB Cover photo and that was my inspiration. Plus I am sitting here waiting patiently for DB to come get his shiz.... he is almost 2 hours late... big surprise. So if any of you were waiting for the live tweets to start my guess is they won't. Just a hunch based on twenty years experience in the inability of one person to follow thru on anything. 

Check me out on FB and like my new page... button coming soon. I am going to sit here and finish my pot of coffee and watch more Game Day.

Go Noles!


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  1. i am glad you got a Facebook page now. i could easily ask you questions now. by the way i really love your blog. you are amazing. keep us updated. i am always waiting for your update