Finish the Sentence... Summer 2014 Link Up

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Time for us to share some of our favorite things about summer and maybe some other random shizzle at the same time... So Spill....

The one thing I am most looking forward to this summer is the month of July when my kids will spend more time with dear old Dad... is that awful?
The most annoying person I know is my two co-workers who want to screw each other's brains out. They are attached at the hip so kinda like one person. 
I would like to meet a hot guy with a beard this summer. Who's loaded. That would be good too. 
After a long day, there is nothing better than a cold beer... seriously.

The most embarrassing summer work uniform I ever had to wear was a T-Shirt (and hat) with a giant Polish Eagle that said  "Proud to be a Polish-American" at the Detroit Polish Festival where I served kielbasa and sauerkraut.
When I hear my alarm clock go off, I snooze 3 more times for about another hour.
My favorite form of summer exercise is floating on a float in the water and paddling against the current periodically to try to keep from getting beached while holding a beer .

When the ice cream truck comes I always ask for the bomb pop (the red, white, and blue one)... cause you're not supposed to say 'Bomb" anymore. Eff that, I say what I want! 

The oldest article of summer clothing I own is not really clothing but  monogrammed beach towel I got for high school graduation.... cough cough.... years ago.
My favorite summer outdoor activity is sitting in the water or an outdoor concert... toss up.
My favorite thing to grill is a really good burger, like with blue cheese and onions all over it.

The worst summer date/romance I had was this guy who told me he drove a vette. Too bad it was a Che-vette not a Cor-vette. Don't judge, it was the 80's. They were a thing!

My favorite summer drink is sauvignon blanc or gin & tonic with lime.

There are times when I just wish summer would just not get above 85 degrees, I hate extreme heat.
The best song on the radio right now is Jake Owen - Beachin... hands down. 

Jimmy Buffett is someone I would really like to party with. Yeah... him too.

My best summer vacation ever was  my sophomore year in college. I stayed in Tallahassee, didn't work, went to the beach, the pool and watched my boyfriend play in rugby tournaments... and drank... a lot.

4th of July is too many fireworks and not enough fireball.

After I’m done reading/commenting here, I’m going to watch some RHOC. 

It's not summer until my feet get a tan with flip flop tan lines.

The Crazy Wise Woman


  1. Hey Amy!! Excited for the L/U!! I added my link but I don't see it!! Love your answer's too!! :D XO


  2. Lol never mind! I see it now!! ;) xo


  3. Thanks for a great link up! Found your blog via Val @ Fab Chick Gets Fit. looking forward to following :)

  4. YES! Gin and tonic with lime for the win! I love that Jake Owen song too!!

  5. I've actually been good about not hitting the snooze button lately only because I know I won't wake up again as its been so early!

  6. hahaha I like your idea of summer exercise!!!

  7. I hate extreme heat. BLAH.

    I'd love to see a pic of your embarrassing summer uniform! hahhaa

  8. Love this post!! Wait you can't say bomb anymore?? I did a whole Summer fashion post today.....definitely on everyones mind right? :)

  9. Please tell me there's a picture of you in the uniform! Bahahaha!

  10. Cheers to you meeting a hot guy, with a beard and a ton of money!! haha :) love it! Happy summer!